wood or metal pizza peel

A: My preference is to use a wood peel as a prep peel — the peel used to dress the dough and take to the oven. Wooden Versus Metal Peels. Brian R. Brian is the third generation to … If you’ve looked at the top 3 pizza peels I’ve recommended you’ll know that I think metal peels are far better. Steel pizza peels. Wood is a traditional material: it lasts less and it is difficult to keep clean. Wooden peels are better for transferring unbaked pizzas into the oven. Do you have a preference in one over the other? Globe carries both metal pizza peels and wood pizza peels. The New Star Foodservice 50196 Aluminum Pizza Peel is one of the reliable and cheap pizza peel you can find in the market. Feel free to call us so we can help you decide on which material, size, and brand is right for you. Best Pizza Peel Wood or Metal. What is surprising is that many of the other articles I read, the authors show a preference for wooden pizza peels. 0 Comments. Q: I was recently looking through a catalog that I got at the last Pizza Expo and I saw both wood and metal peels being offered by the different companies. Differently from those made of wood, pizza peels made in steel last longer, are smoother … Pizza fans commonly use wooden or metal peels. Which of these materials is the better choice for your pizza peel? Besides, it has a simple but attractive design, which is enhanced by an anodized aluminum paddle and a natural solid wood. The wood construction typically affords better dough release than the metal peels. Wooden pizza peels. Metal can be formed into a thinner peel than wood … The dough is less likely to stick to a wooden peel than a metal one.

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