who invented the classical guitar

And, the real roots of the guitar have been lost to time. It has many similar cousins like the Lute and the Vilhuela. The Greeks had an instrument which they called a Kithara. If you search on google then these two men come, Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp But they invented electrified guitar. Before his arrival, the guitar was a lowly instrument of the peasant classes. Not only was Segovia the most famous classical guitarist of all time, but he also literally invented the genre. This is due to a simple mistake. The Classical Guitar is an instrument (like many others) that has evolved and changed over the centuries. Hmm, that’s a very good question. An ornate guitar made by a Joakim Thielke (1641–1719) of Germany was altered in this way and became a success. By far the most significant work he inspired was Benjamin Britten ’s Nocturnal, Op. In many history books, even some that are highly rated, you will read that the guitar was invented by the classical-era Greeks. From the mid-18th century through the early 19th century, the guitar evolved into a six-string instrument, phasing out courses by preference to single strings. These six-string guitars were still smaller than the modern classical guitar. Bream was key in modernising the instrument, and his love of more hard-edged composers sent the classical guitar into new and uncharted territory (Bream’s 20th Century Guitar album is a must-own).

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