where did hereward the wake come from

The year of his birth has been approximated by working backwards from known dates in his life. William's forces eventually captured the isle after a methodical assault, but Hereward managed to escape. Leofric of Mercia and his wife Lady Godiva 3. Hereward the Wake was born in the town of Bourne in Lincolnshire. HEREWARD THE WAKE. https://www.scenicrailbritain.com/blog/discover-hereward-wake Hereward the Wake was an 11th century leader in England who led resistance to the Norman Conquest and was consequently labelled an outlaw.He may have been British, or Danish, or Anglo-Danish. Hereward is an Old English name, composed of the elements here, "army" and ward "guard" (cognate with the Old High German name Heriwart). One of history's "greatest Englishmen" wasn't really English at all. Asketil, a Dane and thegn of King yes it was alfred lynch ,iwas 9 in 1965 when the series aired i met alfred in 1974 and mentioned it to him. I seem to recall that Hereward was played by Alfred Lynch. Leofric of Bourne and his wife Edith 2. This mighty Britannia in 5” gauge is by Terence Woodward. According to legend, Hereward's base was the Isle of Ely and he roamed the surrounding fenlands of what is now Lincolnshire, leading popular opposition to William the Conqueror. Hereward the Wake was born in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England in 1035 to a Danish father, Asketil, and an Anglo-Saxon mother. The epithet "the Wake" is recorded in the late 14th century and may mean "the watchful", or derive from the Anglo-Norman Wake family who later claimed descent from him. Hereward the Wake: Last of the English (also published as Hereward, the Last of the English) is an 1866 novel by Charles Kingsley.It tells the story of Hereward, a historical Anglo-Saxon figure who led resistance against the Normans from a base in Ely surrounded by fen land.It was Kingsley's last historical novel, and was instrumental in elevating Hereward into an English folk-hero. Hereward was a minor noble, holding lands at Crowland in the boggy and marshy fenland. Hereward the Wake (1035-1072) was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman who led a initially successful, yet short-lived rebellion against the Norman lords of England from East Anglia in 1070.. Historians cite the following as possible parents of Hereward: 1. Biography. BR CLASS 7 IN 5” GAUGE. He is the hero of Charles Kingsley's last novel, Hereward the Wake (1866). Hereward, however, established himself on the Isle of Ely, which in 1071 became a refuge for Anglo-Saxon fugitives, notably Morcar, earl of Northumbria. The only bit I can remember is when he killed a polar bear that had escaped from a menagerie!

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