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Sci., 76 (7): 1970-1975, Klemesrud, M. J. ; Klopfenstein, T. J. ; Lewis, A. J., 2000. Feeding hydrolysed feather meal above 6.7% of dietary DM decreased DM intake, leading to a linear decrease in milk yield and in milk protein concentration (Morris et al., 2020). The total nitrogen from hydrolyzed ground feathers is around 7-12 percent. This highly polymerized protein contains about 8% cysteine, a sulphur amino acid that makes strong disulphur bonds between each other within the primary structure and contributes to the folding of the chain into secondary structures (alpha-helix and beta-sheet in a ratio of 2:1). A process consisting in adding blood to hydrolyzed feather meal prior to drying has been assessed. Complementary responses between feather meal and poultry by-product meal with or without ruminally protected methionine and lysine in growing calves. Particularly, pressure cooking can degrade amino acids and the digestibility of amino acids of feather meal is generally lower than that of other animal byproducts (Park et al., 2019). MVZ Cordoba, 18 (2): 3467-3473, Meske, C.; Meyer-Burgdorff, K. H.; Günther, K. D. , 1990. The use of hydrolyzed feather meal with blood meal in dairy goats improved the nutritive value of the diet and milk quality (Andrighetto et al., 1994). ABRA (Associação Brasileira de Reciclagem Animal), Brasilia, Brazil, Adejumo, D. O. ; Onifade, A. Sci., 91 (12): 5829–5837, Suloma, A.; El-Husseiny, O. M.; Hassane, M. I.; Mabroke, R. S.; El-Haroun, E. R., 2014. It was suggested to feed enzymatic feather meal at no more than 100 g/kg diet to limit arginine level at 13.5 g/kg, level over which arginine was found to be detrimental to fish growth (Pfeuti et al., 2019). Given these results and the variability of the products, it can be recommended to limit feather meal incorporation to 2.5% in broilers, and use feather meal at 5% only for very good quality meals. Reply. Eight essential amino acids in feather protein meal (ARG, ILE, LEU, PHE, THR, VAL TRP and CYS) are present in higher amounts than in fish meal. Poult. Feathers in mixture with NaOH were boiled and the mixture at pH 12 was neutralized with HCl to pH 6. Feather meal, like other processed animal proteins, cannot be used everywhere to feed all species: see Potential constraints and recommendations per species below. In wethers, at similar intake, hydrolyzed feather meal resulted in similar portal and hepatic nitrogenous nutrient flows (alpha-amino nitrogen, ammonia and urea) as other protein sources (soybean meal, corn gluten meal) (Branco et al., 2004). ), 59 (5): 407-413, Garcia, A. R. ; Batal, A. J. Nutr. Standardised ileal amino acid digestibilities (SID) for hydrolyzed feather meal can be highly variable. Efficacy of using a combination of rendered protein products as an undegradable intake protein supplement for lactating, winter-calving, beef cows fed bromegrass hay. On the utilization of enzymatically digested feathers in rabbit feeding. J. Anim. However as always, there are several factors that will determine the When adding lime (calcium hydroxide) to feathers at 100°C or 150°C, the resulting hydrolysate was rich in amino acids and polypeptides and the hydrolysis of keratin was very effective (95% hydrolysis after 3h at 150°C). Feather meal is used as a source of protein for farm animals and as a fertilizer. Many trials on the use of feather meal in broilers have been published since the 1940s. No difference in performance was observed when up to 4 % feather meal was fed to piglets 0-4 weeks of age and up to 8 % could be fed to the 4 to 8 week old age group (Khajarern et al., 1982b). Med. J. Trop. Hydrolized feathers are then dried to 8% moisture and ground to produce a valuable uniform hydrolized feather meal. Recent development in poultry waste digestion and feather utilization: a review. Sakon Nakhorn Agricultural Research and Training Center, Quilici, R., 1967. Research report in 1989, 1990; swine breeding and production, Dep. True small intestinal protein digestibility of ruminant feeds. Livest. The most important point is to formulate feeds with adequate values for amino acids content and digestibility. The inclusion of feather meal at 3 or 6% in growing pig diets increased growth rate and the meat content of taurine, an amino acid with health benefits (Seo et al., 2009). Rev. Zootec., 40: 98-115, Rakyuttithamkul, E., 2005. Its composition was similar to the protein in soybeans and cotton seeds, and the hydrolysate was reported to be suitable as a diet supplement in feeding ruminants. A novel enzymatic pre‐treatment improves amino acid utilization in feather meal fed to rainbow trout (, Potter, L. M.; Shelton, J. R., 1978. The apparent digestibility coefficients of feather meal measured on Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) (101 g BW) were reported to be : 58% for dry matter, 77% for crude protein and 70% for energy. In wethers, substitution of soybean meal/urea by hydrolyzed feather meal produced an increase in protein intake and nitrogen retention, but also in feces and urine nitrogen excretion, while the digestibility of nutrients was reduced (Branco et al., 2003). (China), 3: 18, Chiou, P. W. S. ; Chen, K. J. ; Kuo, K. S. ; Hsu, J. C. ; Yu, B., 1995. Riv. A deficiency is only given in Methionine, Lysine and Histidine, whereby Cysteine can partly replace Methionine. Effect of different protein sources in the diets on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, growth and carcass value of Californian rabbits (, Trzebiatowski, R. ; Klik, R., 1982. According to FAO, about 24 billion chicken were produced in 2018. Sci., 86 (1): 94-101, Goedeken, F. K., Klopfenstein, T. J., Stock, R. A., Britton, R. A.; Sindt, M. H., 1990. Sci., 72 (2): 509-514, Thomas, M.; Rijm, W.; van der Poel, A. F. B., 2001. release for up to another 3 months. Pepsin digestibility is used as a method of assessing the quality of feather meal. Anim. It’s a high protein form of keratin, composed of cross linked cystine – the amino acid that dogs afflicted with cystinuria are unable to process.

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