use old receiver as subwoofer amp

A powered subwoofer includes an amplifier already inside the subwoofer enclosure. Should I Use My Subwoofer’s LFE or Line Input Connections? For non-powered subwoofers the problem comes when you connect one to an amplifier or receiver’s outputs without a crossover – it sounds terrible! Powered subwoofers have an internal amplifier and one or more signal input options: speaker inputs, RCA input(s), and in some cases, digital audio inputs. While you almost never see them used for home stereo systems, they’re extremely handy in the car stereo world because they make it possible to connect a stereo without RCA outputs to any amplifier or powered subwoofer. Thanks in advance! Even better, it won’t cost a lot, either! Need direct help? You can still expect very nice sound quality as the signal used is just divided down and isn’t changed. Speaker crossovers like the one shown are sold both in a single (one speaker) or dual (2-speaker) models depending on the brand & supplier. Q I own a Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXi receiver that I’m using in a bedroom system because it lacks HDMI connections. My plan is to upgrade the Onkyo receiver in my theater room with a Marantz pre-pro plus a power amp. Example #1 in the diagram shows that (although you don’t have to have L & R speaker inputs – you can use a single speaker channel), Dear Marty, I own an older Marantz with no dedicated sub out, but it has a preamp out, to connect a power amplifier. I try hard! I assume by “single output” you mean “input” for a powered subwoofer – is that right? Yes, you should be fine connecting it with the RCA output. Or only speaker outputs and no RCA output jacks? So what if I bought a lower end Onkyo TX-NR737 which is Dolby Atmo's and my Blu-ray player has two HDMI outputs. You will have 2 volume controls, one on Marantz and one on Pioneer. The good news is that in stereo mode, both new and old receivers & amps have very similar subwoofer behavior when connected as you’ve seen here. Should I Use the Coax or HDMI Output On My BD Player for Hi-Res Audio? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Hi Richard I appreciate your feedback on my writing. Note that not all subwoofers offer speaker level inputs, meaning if yours doesn’t have them it’s a bit harder to connect the bass signal input. Most, but not all, speaker level adapters do not need a power source. No ins or outs. Hi Curtis. The diagram looks like I would connect the subwoofer into the same outs that I had connected to my main pair of speakers. PRO Series 2-Channel Line Output Converter. Thank you. Can is safely connect an active subwoofer via rca? To do so, just connect to the speaker outputs on the source unit using speaker wire and then to the matching inputs on the subwoofer. Hi Marty. Ok so my Passive sub was part of a 2.1 Laptop setup a while back. In some cases, for example, some movies and music use the bass channel to really draw you into the experience. ( as opposed to connecting the Left speaker in parallel to he sub?) They also have to be matched correctly to the impedance (Ohms rating) of the sub. Working with tweeters that are too bright? If I understand your article correctly I can run another pair of wires from my left amp output to this sub? Will My AVR Decode Atmos from My TV’s HDMI ARC Port? As the cone moves the air inside of a specially designed enclosure (speaker box) deep bass, contained in the musical input signal, is produced. So would it work if say, I take a normal RCA and cut the other end and then split the neg & pos of the RCA, put it in the receiver and the uncut in the sub? If the SW-9050 is a powered subwoofer, you should be able to connect it to any speaker output terminals either alone or also in parallel with speakers already connected. Ah ok, got it. If you want to use the signal outputs of a 3 channel power amp you can use any speaker output connection. If your subwoofer has a single RCA subwoofer input jack, you may want to pick up a “Y” RCA adapter to combine both receiver channels on the output side into a single mono RCA plug. The great news is that there are several ways to connect a subwoofer to an old amplifier or vintage receiver. Shown: What a receiver with a subwoofer output jack looks like as found on many newer receivers. So the question is: Could I keep my current 9.2 the same, buy a cheap Atmo's receiver and use only the Atmo's channels from the extra HDMI output on my Blu-Ray. Subwoofers with speaker level inputs are great to have for exactly this reason as you can connect them directly to an older amplifier or vintage receiver’s speaker outputs. Hello there. Its a single one RCA leave out from a cable. I appreciate you visiting my site! Might be easy to get a receiver and hook it up to the LFE on my current receiver and go from there. Should I Use My Oppo Player to Upconvert to 4K? No, in nearly all cases it shouldn’t have any effect. Passive (non-powered) subwoofers are simply a subwoofer speaker inside the bass enclosure which is directly wired to the speaker terminals or a passive bass crossover inside. The next next step is to visit the Expert Setup menu, choose the Multi Channel In option and select the Through output mode. Hi there, ok if it’s not an active sub then I would test the sub with a test meter or even a 1.5V or 9V battery across the terminals to make sure it’s working. I was wondering if I could hook that up somehow. Normally you’d choose one with a low-pass frequency of close to 100Hz or close to that. My pleasure. I was thinking about something similar to power my sub that has a blown amp. Here’s my question: Could I use the Pioneer receiver purely as a power amp connected to the Marantz pre-pro? Prior to doing this, I used Audacity to verify that the receiver puts out signals as low as 10Hz. Thank you for the compliment on my article as I work hard on them. Feel free to contact me here via my Contact page. • Does your receiver have a low-pass/”LFE” RCA jack? They’re designed for only low-end bass and not voice or other musical instrument frequencies.

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