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11,282 Less than a minute. © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, FreightWaves, Inc, White Paper: 2020 Tech Trends and Challenges in Trucking, Podcasts: FreightWaves FreightCasts Network, White Paper – How E-Commerce Has Changed Supply Chains & The Retail Experience, White Paper: The Future of Pharmaceutical Shipment Tracking, White Paper: 2020 Q4 Carrier Outlook Report, White Paper: The Five Steps to Resuming Transportation Operations, White Paper – Industrial Freight Review 2020, White Paper – Government and Aerospace Report, Gain a better understanding of where the trucking industry is headed and act accordingly, Engage management in open and clear business and technical discussions. FreightWaves has teamed up with Vector to conduct the first of what will become an annual global survey of the trucking technology landscape. FreightWaves has teamed up with Vector to conduct the first of what will become an annual global survey of the trucking technology landscape. Every fleet should be striving for a “safety-first” mindset. Download the whitepaper to help redefine your supply chain’s security. This 2016 KPMG study shows the expenses that need to be looked at and how overlooking them can cost you more than you think. Upgrade your team’s technology knowledge base In short, we aimed to provide you with key insights that will help you bolster your trucking technology expertise. FreightWaves Staff Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The resulting data–alongside expert analysis–provides a benchmark report that back office teams can measure themselves against each year. The rise of all-electronic tolling across the United States has led to an increase in unplanned toll by plate, which can impact fleets in myriad ways, especially with additional administrative fees and delated billing for toll transactions. This guide covers several high-level topics and best practices to focus on when ensuring your fleet is a safe fleet. 481 Less than a minute. Serving the global freight industry with the fastest and most comprehensive news insights and market data on the planet. This study focuses on trucking companies. But are they taking into account the correct expenses? Any similar research on brokerages? Adverse weather conditions, like heavy snow or heatwaves, can happen to any fleet. This whitepaper offers a breakdown of how to: - Evaluate supply chain security & mitigating risks, - Digitize the supply chain for improved security. Did you know there are some basic steps to get started? © 2020 Transport Topics All rights reserved. In this white paper, we will outline the policies and procedures you need to have in place, so you can pass your safety audit and get your permanent authority. 950 N Glebe Road Suite 210, Arlington, VA 22203, Lightning EMotors Said to Be in Talks to Go Public, VW’s Traton to Build China Truck Factory in Expansion Push, Electric Last Mile Solutions Said to Be in Merger Talks, XPO’s Europe Unit Sale Said to Slow as Blackstone Drops Out, High Freight Demand Provides Momentum for Trucking Industry. This report provides a look back at 2020 and a forecast for the remainder of the year. Our Story. This Carrier Outlook Report — presented in partnership with SkyBitz, DDC FPO, and Transflo — is the fourth installment of a quarterly publication. The survey questions were designed to promote analyses that enable you to: Complete the form below to download your complimentary copy. Download this whitepaper for COVID-19 safety tips and cleaning guides, awareness posters, and more. What to Expect as a New Entrant. White Paper: 2020 Tech Trends and Challenges in Trucking. White Paper—Get Ahead of the Curve: Learning From the Past to Prepare for the Future. In this white paper we look at ways you can properly prepare for these conditions to avoid crashes, breakdowns and unnecessary costs, and keep your drivers safe. White Papers. Your drivers are critical to operational success, yet they are only as good as the tools you equip them with. Alcohol and Drug Testing Program. FreightWaves Staff Saturday, December 7, 2019. The technology is proving to be the solution to increase uptime, lower repair and PM costs, and end aftertreatment problems, providing quick ROI. Due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to find additional ways to maximize your driving hours and profit. Here are the four key benefits. Re-evaluating the Total Cost of Truck Fleet Ownership Escalating costs are causing fleet owners to take a closer look at their total cost of ownership. Does Your Fleet Tech Stack Meet Your Evolving Industry Challenges? Read More ». Extend the power of your TMS with a driver-friendly mobile application to streamline daily driver operations. Managers can work with drivers to adopt safer driving behaviors with the help of an app that addresses our addiction to technology and prevents distracted driving. Click the "CC" button in the bottom right to activate while programming is live. Implications for Commercial Trucking Because consumer smartphones do not have a means to provide Mode Control, it is the contention of the authors of this white paper that the use of consumer smartphones and tablets for commercial tasks (i.e., hours of service—ELD functions) exposes fleet operators to an increased safety risk and the corresponding large damage awards. Download this free whitepaper for details. White Paper: 2020 Q4 Carrier Outlook Report. Whether or not your operation uses weigh station bypassing, now is a great time to examine the benefits and ensure you are leveraging the full value. Topics covered include: Insurance. Trucking Cleaning & Safety Tips for Fleets During COVID-19 Truckers are vulnerable when it comes to health concerns – including the Coronavirus outbreak … The purpose of this report is to determine where … Fleets need to ensure the safety of their drivers, staff, and facilities. This white paper pairs FreightWaves’ survey results with SONAR data to closely examine the contributing factors of volatility in the…. Discovering security-related trends, addressing them before they become a true risk, and dealing with unavoidable real-time situations effectively allows you to manage your supply chain’s security. Dekalb County started with a simple idea to convert methane into usable natural gas, and it turned the idea into an economic winner that increased the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents and loss of revenue. Supply chain security is an ongoing and ever-evolving process, requiring active risk mitigation and management. Truckers are vulnerable when it comes to health concerns – including the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Leading fleets are finding this 15-minute PM is saving repair costs and cutting down time. FreightWaves StaffMonday, October 19, 2020. White Papers. The purpose of this report is to determine where the industry is headed and to better understand the latest emerging trends in all things trucking technology. This report incorporates survey results from 318 respondents.

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