tlm 49 vs 103

Many engineers, these days, long for the smooth sound of classic tube microphones of the 1950s. TLM 103 vs TLM 49, which to get for vox only? Running though a warm/clean pre such as the Avalon 737 or Robbie, which of these mics would give me everything you'd want in the Pop/Hip Hop/R&B genres? Using the DMI-2 or DMI-8 digital microphone interface together with the Remote Control Software (RCS), any pre-programmed settings may be stored in the microphones. But for those who want a recording tool rather than a collector’s item, Neumann has developed an elegant solution: The TLM 49 combines the sonic excellence of Neumann’s legendary U 47 and M 49 microphones with the convenience a… Dealer … As a reminder, PSE 825 grams, 80 grams against the 184 of one kilometer! Brighter top end frequencies on the 103. Share Quote. With a capsule design based on the legendary U87, the TLM-103 also has a louder output signal and lower self-noise. 4th June 2011 #2. rockstar_josh. I have both in my studio, and of the two I … The 102 uses a diaphragm similar to the TLM 170 compared to the 103 using a … Recognizing that not everyone can afford the price of a U87… Neumann eventually expanded their audience base with their line of TLM mics, which are still pricey, but much more affordable to the average dude. Price is not a factor, at the end of the day, the sound is most important, thanks. Neumann TLM-102 vs TLM-103: Which Is The Better Mic? Hey there friends due to the lockdown measures its become impossible to demo mics so I'm relying on your expertise if possible. 103 has a larger diaphragm. Short for for “ T ransformer L ess M icrophone”, the TLM design replaces the typical output transformer with an electronic circuit. Neumann TLM 102 vs TLM 103 comparison mic shootout - YouTube In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between Neumann TLM 102 vs 103, which are both among the more affordable models from the company. The TLM 49 is a cardioid (good) Designed for making voice and although I have been able to try it on other source, it should work well on instruments that do not s'inquitent its size! Recognizing that not everyone can afford the price of a U87… Neumann eventually expanded their audience base with their… You will find others on the site CHARACTERISTICS Neumann. They will sound stellar if you put a tube preamp in line. On the other hand, Neumann TLM 103 is more expensive. Example: Go find Imogene Heap on youtube. In fact they are just OK with even a 1073 preamp or clone. Neumann TLM 102/103. FOR VOCAL SAMPLES, SKIP TO marker 3:54 In this video, I compare 3 well known microphones. Neumann TLM 49 vs TLM 67. The TLM 103 and TLM49 are not going to shine with a low cost preamp. Lives for gear . Neumann's models are generally accepted as high-quality microphones. Unfortunately, vintage originals come at staggering prices and are often in need of maintenance. The TLM 103 D offers the same sound and technical excellence, combined with all the advantages and DSP functions of Neumann’s digital microphone technology, such as an integrated peak limiter/compressor. Neumann TLM 102 is available at a lower price point, and is praised for the natural audio character. Her recent album was done with an Avalon 737 and a TLM 103. 103 weighs 450g vs the 102 weighing 210g; The 102 edges over the 103 slightly in total harmonic distortion. 103 is heavier. While both condenser microphones are outstanding, the almost double-price for the TLM-103 is warranted, for its fuller, richer bass response, and crisper, airier high frequencies.

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