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Tesco British Pork Sausages, 50% Reduced Fat - 2 syns. Tesco Slimming World Shopping List Here is list of slimming friendly foods from Tesco. Scottish Slimmers Low Fat Pork Sausages (44g each) – 1 SYN Secret Sausages Vegetables in Disguise, Cheese & Spring Onion Sausages 6 pack (40g each) – 1 SYN Tesco Healthy Living Cumberland Pork Sausages, chilled 8 pack (57g each) – 1 SYN Tesco Meatfree Lincolnshire Style Sausages, frozen 6 pack (44g each) – 1 SYN Please note the below list is subject to change at any time. Perfect for a quick and easy reference guide in the palm of your hand. Smoky BBQ Pulled Beef, chilled (320g pack) – 2.5 Syns . An essential survival guide for anyone on a slimming journey, Review: Black Tower B Fruitiful Passionfruit / Strawberry, Beer-braised Chicken, Chorizo and Sweet Potato Casserole ft. SkinnyBrands Premium Lager, Low Syn Essentials - BBQ Special - June 2019, The perfect summer sparkler - B Secco White and Rosé - 3 syns per glass. Tesco Everyday Value Pork Sausages - 2.5 syns each. Tesco Tikka chicken Steaks, chilled (150g each), Tesco chicken Mini Fillets, Flame Grilled, Ready to Eat, chilled 170g pack (per 100g), Tesco British Turkey Meatballs, 3% Fat, chilled 400g pack (per 100g), Tesco Finest Roast Turkey Breast, Chilled (120g Pack), Danone Activia 0% Fat Yogurt Natural (per 100g), Tesco Cottage Cheese with Pineapple, Fat Free, Tesco Cottage Cheese with Sweet Chilli, Fat Free, Tesco Finest Greek Natural Yogurt, 0% Fat, Finest Applewood Smoked Wafer Thin Ham, Chilled, Tesco Finest Roast chicken Breast With pork and Sage Stuffing, Chilled 125g Pack (20g chicken Slice), Tesco Roast Turkey Slices, Chilled (125g Pack), Tesco Roast Turkey, Wafer Thin, Chilled (Per 100g), Tesco Meatfree Meat Style Burgers, Frozen 8 Pack (56g Each), Linda Mccartney Vegetarian Sausages Red Onion And Rosemary, Tesco Finest Roast Topside of British beef, chilled (per 100g), Tesco Pickbox, Honey Roast Ham Pieces, chilled (65g pack), Tesco British Lambs Liver, chilled (per 100g), Tesco Everyday Value Golden Vegetable Savoury Rice, Made Up As Directed (120g Pack), Tesco Vinaigrette Dressing, Fat Free (1 level tbsp), Tesco Seafood Sticks, frozen 20 pack (15g each), Tesco Seafood Sticks, chilled 16 pack (16g each), Tesco Large Seafood Stick, Ready to Eat, chilled (50g each), Tesco Finest Scottish Smoked Salmon with Lemon & Peppercorns, chilled (100g pack), Tesco Seafood Selection, Mussels, King Prawns and Squid Rings, Frozen 350g Pack, Tesco Cooked Seafood Selection, Mussels, Prawns and Squid, Chilled, Tesco Fish Pie Mix, White Fish, Smoked White Fish and Salmon, Chilled 390g Pack, Tesco Fish Pie Mix, Smoked Cod and Pink Salmon, Frozen 400g Pack, Tesco Wild Pacific Pink Salmon, Skinless & Boneless, canned (per 100g), Tesco White Crab Meat In Brine, Canned (Per 100g), Tesco Orkney Crab Meat, Chilled (Per 100g), Tesco King Prawns, Cooked & Peeled, frozen (per 100g), Tesco Finest Jumbo King Prawns, Cooked & Peeled, chilled (per 100g), Tesco Tonic Water with Lemon, Low Calorie (per 100ml), Tesco Tonic Water with Elderflower, Low Calorie (per 100ml), Tesco Tonic Water with Cucumber, Low Calorie (per 100ml), Tesco Fruit and Barley Cordial, No Added Sugar, All Varieties, Tesco Fruit Splash Drinks, No Added Sugar, All Varieties, Tesco Kx Stimulation Drink, Sugar Free, All Varieties, Tesco Healthy Living Low-Fat pork Sausages - 0.5 syn Each, Tesco Venison Sausages, Chilled 6 Pack, 1 syn Each, Tesco Healthy Living Cumberland pork Sausages, Chilled 8 Pack - 1 syn Each, Mallon's Gluten Free Leek And Pepper Sausage - 1/2 syn each, Mallon's Gluten Free original - 0.5 syns for 2, Mallons Turkey Sausages, Low Fat & Gluten Free, chilled 6 pack (2 sausages) - 0.5 syn, Mallons Garlic & Herb Irish pork Sausages, Low Fat & Gluten Free, chilled 6 pack (40g each) - 0.5syn, Tesco pork Cocktail Sausages, Chilled 25/40 Pack (2 Sausages) - 1.5 syns, Tesco pork and Herb Breakfast Patties, Frozen 6 Pack (46g Each) - 2.5 syns, Tesco pork Fillet Medallions With Mediterranean Sauce, Chilled 450g Pack (225g Serving) - 2 syns, Tesco pork and Egg Roll, Chilled 5 Pack (25g Slice) - 1.5 syns, Tesco BBQ chicken Breast Chunks, Ready to Eat, chilled (180g pack) 1 syn, Tesco Butter Basted Turkey Breast Joint With Pepper Sprinkle, Chilled - 2 syns per 100g, Tesco chicken Thigh Kebabs, Teriyaki, Chilled 4 Pack (49g Each) – 1 syn, Tesco chicken Breast Fillets With Garlic Mushrooms, Chilled (173g Each) – 2 syns, Tesco Moroccan chicken with chickpeas and apricot, 423g pack - 3 syns, Tesco chicken Tikka Skewers, Chilled 4 Pack (2 Skewers) - 0.5 syn, Tesco Butter Basted Turkey Breast Joint With Pepper Sprinkle, Chilled – 2 syns, Tesco Crispy Half Duck With Pancakes and Hoisin Sauce, Frozen 530g Pack (Per Filled Pancake) - 4.5 syns, Tesco Healthy Living Mediterranean chicken Salad with Tomato & Balsamic Dressing (260g pack) - 5.5 syns per pack, Tesco Four Bean Salad with a Hint of Mint, chilled (250g pack) - 3.5 syns, Tesco Deli Salad, Asian Slaw (250g pack) - 2.5 syns, Tesco Finest Aromatic Edamame & Pea Salad with Lemongrass, Chilli & Ginger Dressing (200g pot), Per Pot 4 syns, Tesco Finest Caesar Dressing (1 Level Tbsp) – 3.5 syns, Tesco Creamed Horseradish Sauce (1 Level Tbsp) – 2 syns, Tesco Finest Horseradish Sauce (1 Level Tbsp) - 2.5 syns, Tesco Healthy Living Potato Salad (per 100g) - 2.5 syns, Tesco Tzatziki Dip, Chilled (1 Level Tbsp) - 1 syn, Tesco Garlic and Herb Dressing (1 Level Tbsp) - 2 syns, Tesco English Mustard (1 Level Tsp) - 0.5 syn, Tesco Cranberry Sauce (1 Level Tbsp) - 1.5 syns, Tesco Seafood Sauce (1 Level Tbsp) – 4 syns, Tesco Seafood Sauce, Reduced Fat (1 level tbsp) - 2.5 syns, Tesco Smoky Bbq Pulled beef, Chilled 320g Pack 2.5 syns, Tesco Kofta Kebabs, Smoky pork, frozen 6 pack (70g each) - 4.5 syns, Tesco Kofta Kebabs, Lamb & Mint, frozen 6 pack (70g each) - 2 syns, Tesco beef Burgers, Reduced Fat, Chilled – 3 syns, Tesco beef Meatballs, Chilled 12/24 Pack - 2.5 syns, Tesco Finest British beef Steak Burgers With Sea Salt and Black Pepper, Chilled 4 Pack - 2.5 syns, "Tesco Finest Pulled Oak Smoked Bourbon beef with Bourbon BBQ Dressing, chilled (120g pack) – 1 syns", Tesco Finest British beef Steak Burgers with Sea Salt & Black Pepper, chilled (170g each) - 4.5 syns, Tesco Finest British beef Steak Burgers with Sea Salt & Black Pepper, chilled 4 pack (114g each) 2.5 syns, Tesco Finest British beef Steak Mince, Less Than 10% Fat, Chilled – 2 syns, Tesco Thick pork and beef Sausages, Frozen 20 Pack (45g Each) – 2.5 syns, Tesco Lamb Steaks With A Redcurrant Sauce, Chilled (160g Each) – 2 syns, Tesco Lamb Shanks In Mint Gravy, Frozen (375g Each) – 2 syns, Tesco Irish Stew with Chunky Veg (300g pack) - 3 syns, Tesco Straight Cut Oven Chips, Reduced Fat, Frozen (100g Baked) – 2 syns, Tesco Crinkle Cut Oven Chips, Cooked As Directed, Frozen (100g Baked) – 4 syns, Tesco Sweet Potato Oven Chips With A Seasoned Coating, Frozen (100g Baked) – 3 syns, Tesco Potatoes With Garlic Butter, Chilled 360g Pack (120g Serving) – 0.5 syn, Tesco Finest Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, Chilled 380g Pack (190g Serving) - 1.5 syns, Tesco Cheese Ravioli In Tomato Sauce, 410g Can - 4.5 syns, Tesco Green Pesto, Reduced Fat.

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