skywatcher 10 inch goto dobsonian telescope

The SkyWatcher 10" Dobsonian Telescope 254mm/1200mm (10") has a "paraboloidal" primary mirror to eliminate spherical aberration and a four-arm, secondary- mirror bracket with fine supports (0.5mm thick), to reduce diffraction spikes and light loss. The white SkyWatcher Dobsonian 10-Inch telescope comes inclusive of a solid-rocker mount with Teflon bearings and a tension control handle. Dobsonian Series. Check Amazon for promotions and discounts on the SkyWatcher S11620 White Traditional Dobsonian 10-Inch by clicking below. What kind of light shroud do you recommend? The best place for a wide range of Astronomical Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes & Accessories all at internet prices. Celestron, Skywatcher, ... Skywatcher Heritage 76 Mini Dobsonian Telescope £48.00. The telescope’s simplicity, coupled with serious light-gathering power, makes this one of the best 10 inch dobsonian telescopes available in the market today. SkyWatcher Flextube 250 SynScan Dobsonian 10-inch Collapsible Computerized GoTo Large Aperture Telescope The exciting new Sky-Watcher Dobsonian SynScan series is precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as Planets, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies and much more. buy DETAILS (2) Skywatcher Skyhawk 114 Reflector ... SynScan AZ GOTO Series. Sky watching tool for beginners. With the SkyWatcher S11620 you also get a 2-inch Crayford focuser which comes with a 1.25” adapter to help you acquire fast and accurate focus. Sky-Watcher Flextube Dobsonians are amazingly portable, even when you choose one of the larger models, like the 14” or 16”, but the Skywatcher 10 inch Dobsonian telescope becomes small enough to fit in the back seat of most vehicles! It looks like a good buy to me so far. PROPRIETARY TENSION CONTROL HANDLES: These patented handles allow for accurate movement without the need for perfect balance. What are everyone’s thoughts?I will be transporting the telescope to viewing sites.. Will I have to collimate everytime I move this thing? Check Best Price on Amazon . Maksutov Series. ? - posted in Reflectors: Was hoping to get some feedback on the Sky-Watcher 8 Flextube SynScan GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian.. SkyWatcher 10" Dobsonian Telescope. Sky-Watcher Classic 250 Dobsonian 10-inch Aperature Telescope – Solid-Tube – Simple LARGE APERTURE: Get a bright, bold viewing experience at a fraction of the cost of other optical designs. Sky-Watcher 10” SynScan Flextube Dobsonian. Large Aperture Size and Ease of Use. Skywatcher GoTo Dobsonian? Buy Sky-Watcher 10" f/4.7 Collapsible GoTo Dobsonian Telescope featuring Patented Collapsible OTA Design, 10" / 254mm Aperture, 1200mm Focal Length, f/4.7 Focal Ratio, 8x50 Straight-View Finderscope, 2" Single-Speed Crayford-Style, 25mm and 10mm Plossl Eyepieces, 8x50 Right-Angle Erector Finderscope, SynScan Computer Hand Controller, 42,000+ Object Database, DC Servo Motors with Dual Encoders.

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