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If you find that your finished measurement is slightly narrower than it should be, then try adjusting your seam guide so that it is more of a scant 1/4". By Fax: 484-770-2816 Shipping > Flat Rate Shipping is only $2.99. Now you can begin piecing!We hope you enjoy your Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide! Tip #2:  "What are those measurements for on the front edge?" Other Featherweights have throat plates that sit up a teensy bit higher than the surface. I love them for seam matching! For example, some Featherweights have throat plates that are perfectly flush with the machine surface. This style of thumb screw makes it easy to quickly tighten or loosen as required -- or even remove the guide altogether if you need to sew half-square-triangles (HSTs). Privacy & Disclosure, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, How to Install & Use the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide, one of the holes on the bed of the machine, FREE Mini Thread Tweezers On All Orders Over $25.00! Orders over $15 Ship FREE! $21.88. Slide your seam guide into position at the correct measurement and tighten the screw so that your Accurate Seam Guide is secure. Because the measuring lines are accurate, you can quickly measure and verify your stitched seam allowances right at the machine. Singer Simanco 25527 Seam Guide. It's actually one of the reasons we opted to keep our guide the same small, square size as the one Dave McCallum had originally made. Whether you prefer a scant or a true quarter inch (1/4") seam (or even beyond), your seams will have consistent seam allowances throughout your quilt or sewing project. PLEASE NOTE: Heavier parts such as foot pedals, chests, and totes, are Free … The smooth acrylic finish of the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide is safer for the machine surface as well. I love it! Orders over $15 Ship FREE! 3.) The thumb screw allows you to securely screw down the guide to the machine using just your fingers. You want it tight so the guide won't shift or move easily. 2.) To remedy this, loosen the thumb screw slightly and simply place the enclosed card* under the Accurate Seam Guide (towards the back end) and rescrew the guide down securely again. Adjustable seam guide screws into machine bed with thumb screw. ... Sew one row of stitches just inside the seam guide line, then sew another row about 1/8" next to that inside the seam allowance. This acts a slight shim to offset the manufacturing height differences in the throat plate. Make sure the presser foot is raised and rotate the handwheel toward you to lower the needle through the desired seam allowance hole in the Featherweight Accurate Seam Square (sold separately). No Fabric Snagging. For this reason I generally don’t like front drop bobbin machines. Qty. A quilter friend shared a tip with me one time about using the silk, glass-headed pins. you may ask... Quite frankly, like the cute gold decals, they are there for fun but also practicality! Tip #3:  Make a test block to measure for accurate seam allowances. Product Description; Free Shipping $15 & up USA ; Simple Seam Guide for all Home Sewing Machines. Standard Shipping: Only $2.99. $79.00. As a beginner, learning how to sew a straight seam is lot easier with some help from seam guides. Increasing needle size affects the centrality of the needle anyway, so do not be concerned if your needle is not perfectly centered in the hole. This presents a problem with using a seam guide because every time you have to CHANGE a bobbin – you have to move your guide and the bobbin cover. Pull the bobbin threads to gather the fabric. This is common, but here is a quick remedy. My sewn strips were a perfect 5 inch finished measurement. Fashioned after the design of the Singer Featherweight with cute gold decals on a black finish, the Accurate Seam Guide also includes an easy-to-grip thumb screw and washer. Universal Screw-on Seam Guide fits all consumer machines in use in North America. The thumb screw allows you to securely screw down the guide to the machine using just your fingers. * If you have a clear seam guide then a clear card has been included for you as well. And I now have the nice thick seam guide edge for my fabric to feed against. From shop BonnysSewing. Terms of Use Taking my stitched strips to the ironing board, I pressed my two seams toward the center and then measured them all sewn together. I’m a seam guide user. (You may need to remeasure your preferred 1/4" measurement.) 1 & 2 day shipping. Once your needle is lowered, slide the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide over until it is resting up against the Seam Square or ruler. Next, determine whether a true 1/4" seam allowance or a scant 1/4" seam allowance is preferred. Tip #4:  Pin the opposite direction -- it actually makes matching your seams easier and more accurate. Some people prefer a 1/4" foot attachment and those work very well, too, but other quilters prefer something more fixed and secure to the machine bed. SINGER Pnuematic Air Foot Control, #988667. You can get the screw started, but at this point, you want to still be able to slide the guide back and forth. ⭐, GIVEAWAY: Minty-Mint Candy Green Singer Featherweight 221 & Handy Crank Pinker Enter to Win Here! 1.) Problem solved! This seam guide is designed so that you can easily and accurately piece your quilt blocks. Standard Shipping: Only $2.99. You can also use a small ruler to measure from, as shown above, but for greater and consistent accuracy, the Featherweight Accurate Seam Square will provide the best gauging results. sewing seam guide. Featherweight Singer 221 Accurate Seam Guide from The Featherweight Shop - Black BonnysSewing. $21.99. Please use with caution as damage to the bed surface can occur. In this blog post I talk about 4 seam guides, mostly low cost, that will help you sew a straight seam. For more helpful hints on proper seam alignment, see the tips further below. Measure from the needle to the left edge of the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide. From shop Quilttreasebyjackie . Seam Guide. * , ⭐ FREE Micro Cleaning Brushes With Each Tune-Up Kit & Refill Kit! 5 out of 5 stars (867) 867 reviews $ 11.99. If your machine is one that has a throat plate that sits a tad higher than the machine bed, then this sometimes causes a "fabric-thin" gap towards the front of your guide and the bottom fabric can slip underneath if you're not careful. CLOVER Needlecrafts 9584 3 Piece 6-in-1 Stick 'n Stitch Guide by Nancy Zieman Well, that covers our newest guide - and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. Hint: one seam guide will also help you sew a curved seam. , choosing a selection results in a full page refresh, press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. You can see here where I am trying to get my fabric to slip under the seam guide after adding the card, but it is now prevented from doing so. If your needle is not centered in the needle hole, that's perfectly okay and is often quite normal. Adding this card to the back end will make the front end of your guide (the part that you use to guide your fabric) flush with the machine bed. Automatic/Built-in Needle Threader; Blind Hemming; Bobbin Styles; Buttonholes 1-step; Buttonholes 4-step; Choosing the Right Needle; Embroidery Quick Reference Guide; Inserting a Front-Load Bobbin ; Inserting a Top Drop-in Bobbin; Raising Bobbin Thread; Stitch Reference; SwiftSmart Threading; Threading a Machine; Winding a Bobbin; Embroidery Help. 6 Pieces Magnetic Seam Guide Sewing Machine Seam Gauge Sewing Gauge Magnetic Guide MG1 for Most Sewing Machine Foot Parts Accessories 4.7 out of 5 stars 9 $11.86 $ 11 . Find more Singer / Simanco Numbers for other accessories, attachments and tools. Item Number: 1066Singer. It will also prevent your fabric from sliding underneath the guide, keeping your seams aligned and accurate along the left edge. HELPFUL HINTS AND TIPS for proper seam alignment:Tip #1:  Not all Featherweights are the same...  What that means is - and for those of you with more than one Featherweight in your collection - you've probably noticed there are a few subtle differences or variations in their manufacturing.

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