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2.0mm Select a suitable option. E. All of these B. Epidermis layer A. cellulose C. theological inheritance D. none of these F. Both A and B Answer - Click Here:B Answer - Click Here:B D. disaccharides endobj 40: Stored energy found in most foods is called________________. A. salty base Select the correct option. C. unsaturated fats 1st Year Maths Full Book MCQs (Pdf) Qasim Tariq 06-12-2018 MCQs If you are in search of Multiple Choice Questions Notes of Mathematics Class XI (Maths Book-1 MCQs) then you are at right place. E. All of these 14: Aqueous ground soluble part of cytoplasm are also called ____________. B. manganese E. All of these C. stem D. Long unbranched chains F. Both A and B C. vacuole Select the correct option. Answer - Click Here:D, 41: An average polypeptide chain may contain up to _____________ .Select the suitable option. Answer - Click Here:B Select the suitable option. F. Both A and B These short solved questions or quizzes are provided by Gkseries. Answer - Click Here:C F. Both A and B 2 0 obj Answer - Click Here:B. 30: Fats act called _______________. E. All of these D. secondary lamella F. Both A and B F. Both A and B %PDF-1.5 25: Prevention of heat is attributed is called ______________. C. potential physical energy E. All of these ��o�AZ�>�ώ?���8:9 ����3%���a��Ɗ� ������t"Nώ��t����&B�����N�Yiȷ�^ut1���QF'.����@x�E �����Ȩ���1� ��i�����/�����2����1�D.ҙNV��G*S��%���tf��ӣ\�2BKg>!r�f�S�������O'���ʆ߼�H_=9�H�jb'���i��W��Q�� �N��-q��� =�@N��89��=���R9쏦�;M���t���c�^��˭?NN42� 6 P�1��`��89�d�}c��rXSA�l̯�m�.X��?��Vs��L{K�ٛ&A�4. D. exocytosis Answer - Click Here:C, Latest posts by Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil, SET 56: Advanced Environmental Technology, SET 57: Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution, SET 67: Diversity of Plants and Related Life, Immunology MCQs – Interviews Questions Answers, Gastroenterology MCQs – Interviews Questions Answers, Pediatrics MCQs – Interviews Questions Answers for Jobs Tests, Neurosurgery MCQs – Interviews Questions Answers for jobs Test, Endocrinology MCQs – Interviews Questions Answers for Jobs Test. A. proteins Select the correct statement. Answer - Click Here:D Nice. B. Select the correct option. E. All of these x��ZYo�6~7���Gi�rx-���Ŷ�t�aч�p�E��9���,9�ˑ��"B ! Select the correct option. D. rate of heat production A. ferns D. hydrolysis reaction A. Answer - Click Here:B, 48: Amino acids are joined to form _____________. C. energy can not be destroyed E. All of these A. nucleus <> A Trade discount. B. Let’s begin with SET 1. 37: Thyroxin is secreted from _____________. 2 dimensional coiled strands C. middle lamella 7 D. leucoplasts B. an insulating material E. All of these 6: In the amylose chain, glucose molecules are linked through. A. chlorophyll E. All of these D. pre-existing cells F. Both A and B D. meristemetic cells Answer - Click Here:D D. ribosome B. energy can not be created D. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease E. All of these B. kwashiorkor C. 1→4 bond F. Both A and B A. β-fructose molecules C. Rickets D. monounsaturated fats B. magneplasts %���� E.  All of these ExamTime Quiz has a unique collection of math MCQ with answers. A. Golgi complex 8: Simplest sugars are also called ______________. Answer - Click Here:A a. C. Mesophyll layer 11: Cell theory proposes that all living cells arise from _______________. F. Both A and B C. loss of appetite F. Both A and B C. starch F. Both A and B D. thyroid glands B. condensation reaction E. All of these C. fats Answer - Click Here:B A. trisaccharide Answer - Click Here:C B. carbohydrates B. DNA A. disaturated fats E. All of these Select the is a correct statement C. swollen joints E. All of these B. starch F. Both A and B Answer - Click Here:B E. All of these Answer - Click Here:B B. potential kinetic energy F. Both A and B A. A. muscles used for breathing Select the correct option. In this format, every question comes with multiple answer options to choose from. 28: Rich sources of Vitamin B are called __________. E. All of these F. Both A and B stream Select the suitable option. C. endocytosis E. None of these C. calcium E. All of these E. All of these F. Both A and B C. plants C. plant cells provides Multiple Choice Questions of all subjects of Intermediate (11th & 12th). B. cell division C. 400 amino acids Go To Download Page. Answer - Click Here:B 47: In Malaysia and Singapore, average daily energy requirements of boys compared to girls are ________________. D. green leafy vegetables B. polysaccharides C. leukocytes D. 3.0mm Answer - Click Here:B

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