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Because of their community, Virgin can field a significantly higher level of social media interactions. 3 Great Examples Of Successful Online Communities, How To Get The Most Out Of Your Customer Community Platform, Forrester Recognizes CMNTY As Key Vendor Of Research Community Software In New Report, 3 Ways Communities Empower Brands to Become Awesome, Why You Should Take Advantage of a Community Platform Based on Customer Feedback. This came about when CEO Dennis Crowley noticed many of the users editing some content on the app. Your online community requires a solid platform that can host it. Not only that, but Virgin Mobile Australia was also recognized with a Lithy Award. Best practices to help your brand during COVID-19 Learn More, Messaging | Modern Chat | Chatbot | Social, Social Marketing | Social Listening | Experiences, Channel and tech integrations to provide a seamless customer experience, Agent care efficiency and contact center insights, Self-service support, education, and collaboration, Content management, publishing, and governance, Our in-house experts in social media and community management for Khoros customers, Data integrations for better customer experience, Join us for live webinars and other events, like Khoros Engage, Watch webinars and events on your own time, Whitepapers, checklists, on-demand webinars, guides, and more, Insights, tips, news, and more from our team to yours, Case studies with successful customers to see how they did it, 15+ years experience, built from Spredfast and Lithium, We’re hiring — come build the future of customer experience, Connect with 70K+ customer engagement professionals, Find solutions and support for Khoros products here. HP was also recognized externally: they won the Lithy Award for Total Community All Star, an award that recognizes exceptional community work. This tech company tapped into the idea of creating a community early on. To a business-centered mind, this goes against their way of thinking. To manage their growing online presence, Virgin built an online community. This includes someone to lead them and one to interact with the members of the community. However, these public networks pose quite a number of problems like trolling and other antisocial behavior. 25 Examples of Online Communities. How Online Communities Improve Every Stage of the Customer Journey. Meet their needs and, in turn, they will provide you with the insight you need to grow your brand and business. The different members of the community developed courses for languages the team didn’t even think they’d offer when starting out. Related Post: Community Software Buyers Guide. Many people join a community to interact with others and form social connections. If the community was created to benefit the business, why not just go in and do exactly that? The Mom365 community covers topics from getting pregnant to birth, baby development to raising children. It’s a space where employees (or clients) can share tips and pass useful information to each other. Successful brands have mastered a way of integrating these key elements. If you want to harness the power of customer insights, set up your online community following the tips in this article. Much as online communities might seem like some complex things to run, there are some brands excelling at it. Your brand should seize the opportunity to get at these invaluable insights from their customers. To meet their needs, they built an online community with Khoros where customers could connect both with each other and with the brand. Virgin’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) increased after they implemented their community, and they also achieved 435 peer-to-peer accepted solutions within the first year of their community’s existence. Many businesses make the mistake of using public social networks as the only strategy to run a community. Visa’s community has been incredibly successful by internal company measures, including a 1,300% increase in kudos from their members. This online language-learning tool experienced exponential growth with a team of less than 40. Starting an online community requires you to have the following in place: Your online community will only be beneficial if you have a multidisciplinary team. As a business, it is difficult not to take the marketing gloves off. Whether companies set up the communities in-house or contract the services of market research companies, the result is almost always positive if the online community is handled properly. This is because the community is a living entity. By offering their customers (and potential customers) a community to meet and discuss, they become the one-stop-shop for parents. Want to accelerate your brand building efforts? Takeaway: Combining the power of digital customer care agents with knowledgeable members of a great online community allows brands to address many more customer concerns than with agents alone. However, you should know that most likely only 10 percent will actively participate. Takeaway: Great online communities can help free up your brand’s digital customer care agents by keeping the answers to common logistical questions in one easily-searchable place. We discuss market research online communities in more detail here. Companies put together these online communities so that they can foster their relationships with their customers. Singapore-based information-communication brand StarHub wanted to evolve their social media strategy.Khoros partnered with Starhub to build an online community to support their evolution efforts and to offer more robust digital customer care and build lasting relationships with super fan advocates. With online communities, brands can interact with their customers in customizable ways, from offering customer support, to creating a space for peer-to-peer information sharing, to fostering lasting brand relationships, and more. For example, Harley-Davidson staffed all its community outreach programs with actual company employees and not temporary hired hands. You will also find out how you can create your own online community. Social networks can and do connect their different customers with each other. We also explore how each brand achieves their core purpose so well. There is no doubt online communities are a well of value waiting to be tapped. Maxim lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Ingrid and dog Nova. They are also advantageous because you can pick up on potential problems with your product early on. Related Post: 3 Ways Communities Empower Brands to Become Awesome. One of the biggest obstacles that HP customer support agents faced before their online community was spending too much time responding to logistical questions and not enough time brand-building by truly engaging with customers. The company nurtured this relationship, providing motivation to users so that it could get insight into how to further develop its product. Learn how these companies are benefiting from their successful online communities. The platform is a smart move for Mom365, who ultimately specializes in baby portraits. Events! With a background in computer science and cognitive psychology, in 2007 Maxim used crowdsourcing to help companies and their customers get closer together. A true example of building a business for a community and not a … But first…. Get them motivated so that they can be active within the community. Most importantly, StarHub wanted to create a space where their customers could co-create with them, collaborating to build a better product and a better customer experience. Virgin Mobile Australia’s digital support staff couldn’t keep up with the brand’s growing social presence: customer inquiries went unanswered and agent response times were too high. Takeaway: A great online community can help your brand manage a high level of social media interactions while also fostering more robust brand-customer relationships. With their community, HP can now archive answers, giving customers a quick, simple place to find solutions to common concerns, leaving agents free to engage with customers on a deeper level. The information you get from your community members influences decisions in other departments and goes far and beyond the marketing department. Use the information to refine your process, product, and service. You need to know whose insights you’re after.

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