nursing management of trauma patient

), if there are any foreign bodies present, check for secretions and buildup of fluids (mainly blood) , and finally you need to check for injury. During this period the patient should have some sort of vascular access started to allow for the infusion of fluids and medications. Study for free with our range of nursing lectures! Tones blare, men and women clamber out of their beds, adrenalin surging to critical levels; they rush to their vehicles and tear off into the night. In a facility that can provide trauma management, the patient may go to the operating room, intensive care unit (ICU), or a surgical unit after his trauma workup. Trustworthiness and transparency – trust between patients, staff, and management is vital in building strong relationships. Breathing is assessed next and is most simply done by merely observing the patient and determining the rate and depth of the patient’s respirations. The patient will be exposed completely, in a presumable cold environment, the patient is not perfusing properly, and the patient is receiving IV fluids at a rapid rate. Sirens scream into the darkness, lights flash blinding beams deep into the shadows. Decrease in a patient’s temperature has been associated with much increased oxygen demand, an outcome that is detrimental to a patient who is already suffering from a perfusion problem. Trauma is one of the most sudden and unexpected things that can happen to a patient, and the last person a patient may see is the trauma nurse. The airway must be assessed for patency, protective reflexes (laryngospasm, glottis closure, cough, etc. Above all, non nocere (do no harm). I will attempt to provide the framework for the proper management of the multiply injured patient in this paper. This may occur at any time during the nurse’s assessment as interventions are dictated by the patient’s condition. This will be performed by a physician and will be done to buy time before a chest tube can be placed. The E in ABCDE can also be used for environment, which is something that cannot be overlooked even in the initial stages of treatment. Nursing Standard. This will generally be done by using oro-tracheal intubation and will be performed by the physician or by respiratory therapist at the bedside. Critical care of the injured patient is little different from critical care in general, with a few important exceptions. After ensuring the patient is actually breathing (if the patient is not breathing you must begin breathing for the patient) you should apply a pulse oximeter and auscultate lung sounds carefully to determine if there is any possibility of a hemo/pneumothorax or of diminished/abnormal breathing. If the patient is hemorrhaging then direct pressure should be applied and the bleeding controlled before moving on. The assessment phase begins with an initial survey of the patient followed by a rapid trauma assessment that hits on the most obvious and most life threatening injuries first. As such, the nurse must be aware that while the patient has received care prior to arrival, that care may have only been enough to get the patient there and while that is a start the nurse must be prepared to take over care and start from the beginning with a thorough and prompt assessment. In fact, a drastic decrease in body temperature can lead to dysrhythmias that can lead to death very rapidly. �����G�}��Ψ��m�͚6���_�(&Q*���.��Q��!��Z��n.��a�Zگp����L#�&�6����E�=���d%����^Oy�w�G��$�T�ko���Y��:�c�AZ��؇kj����:{��5 �%H�:�t��&p�>u�Y}�U:�:[��:��Nj0��F )2���/�x9:S"�f�.�J��@hm �Y��%���k��(\�̔meWY酕�>��KTYSxƝ��m�z��tA��+� o����5Z��b��5@���mk�:V�穐v��@(���$�[�?�5$T���'�0V��Q� g��k�����}ʢt�}|��\�S�Ʊ�:�;S6�G�BH٧��+�Z�E�=W*ŭ�>�JH�;����ڛ�W��)��2�^;���T�;&�h-#����'��L�'�v���d�a�ED^Cr��9�zE���_`Zۉ�)��+-�'�p⬔H��(л(����7���wp���N��{R#�V����=�˜��~Wz� ��9�eB&{H�Z�\+O���b�N&�K�����

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