my neighbor has out of state plates

Has a car with out-of-state plates been parked on your block for ages? 0 4. How do you report illegal plates? Fairfax County, Virginia, wants you to report your neighbors if you believe their cars aren't properly registered. California Asks Residents To Rat Out Neighbors With Out-Of-State Car Registrations 8.16.12 2:45 PM EDT By Chris Morran @themorrancave california only you can prevent scofflaws Within the last fiscal year, more than 3,500 previously unregistered vehicles were added to car tax records , which will yield more than $2.6 million in tax revenue to support the county budget . The more information you can provide about the vehicle, driver/owner and location, the better. Haverhill's crackdown on out-of-state plates, particularly those from New Hampshire, began in 2010, following residents' complaints about their neighbors' cars having license plates … I once dinged an Ontario registered car for expired tags. However, you may know of a vehicle in your neighborhood with out of state plates that should be researched by our tax office. Lv 5. Looking for info how to report. However, I would wager every state has a law that you need to have valid registration on your car, current tags fall under that. My neighbor is doing this for about 2 years, they are out of state plates also. Somebody moving to California from out-of-state has 10 days after establishing residency to get a California driver license and 20 days to register his or her vehicle. After a number of years in a development where most residents own their homes, I still see out-of-state plates on neighbors' vehicles. If up to 25% of residents' vehicles were purchased out of state, as the Brooklyn accident number suggests, New York could have lost out on more than $93 million in … Bobydob. Q My nosy neighbor left me a copy of your Oct. 5 piece about reporting people who have cars with out-of-state plates. Drives around with their kids in the car. I thought … 1 decade ago. The License Plate or VIN and Plate State are required to investigate each vehicle. They want to be rats. Don’t jump to conclusions about neighbors with out-of-state plates Nobody likes a rat, but apparently that doesn’t bother too many Road Warrior readers.

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