keyboard not working on bitlocker screen

As you can see above, there also isn’t a keyboard layout indicator anywhere on the pre-boot screen. Keyboard not working on bitlocker login screen Open So i just encrypted my hard drive for work and now when I boot my computer it goes to the bitlocker screen where you have to enter the password to unlock the drive but it wont let me type. I cannot back up. The user needs to open his lid to provide his pin. I have 12 years of work and irreplaceable personal data on this PC. I cannot turn BitLocker OFF. Unable to move past recovery screen without RK. Our users are utilizing the laptop keyboard for entering Bitlocker password and then resuming use of external keyboard … Unable to access hard drive without RK. The only way to insert the PIN is attaching a USB keyboard directly to the Surface Studio. We have Latitude 7285 which show a keyboard icon to bring up but these don't.] The wireless keyboard also doesn't work. RE: External keyboard connected to Dell docking station not working at Bitlocker prompt (works in BIOS and at Windows login screen) Unfortunately we were unable to crack this case. W ithout keyboard and mouse cannot access Windows. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Link. I do not have a RK on my MS account. surface keyboard not working at bitlocker screen surface pro 3 bitlocker onscreen keyboard surface pro bitlocker without keyboard Members online. Have used the touch screen and Surface Keyboard without success. If no physical keyboard is present a virtual keyboard should show up to enter the PIN. This document provides solution for ThinkPad X1 Tablet keyboard not functioning at BitLocker screen Hello, We have a problem with several users, the problem is that when powering on the workstation the external keyboard does not work when a Bitlocker pin is needed. I do not know how Bitlocker was enabled on my PC. I have been reading all the threads and have tried everything but nothing is working. What makes this more confusing is that the keyboard layout on this screen follows the default keyboard layout of the Windows installation media language, and not the Windows user, default, or system language and locale or keyboard layout settings. No members online now. Of course it works great with the physical keyboard attached, but not so as a tablet. keyboard does work within the BIOS or OS. Hi Robert, to confirm it is not in Windows (that works fine) - it is the very first stage on the bitlocker screen that we have enabled to put the pin in before booting to windows. Hi, I have enabled BitLocker in Win10 x64 and entered a PIN for system unlock at startup. Total: 222 (members: 0, guests: 222) Share this page. I can type numbers, even the function keys work as numbers, but can't type any letters. We recently received and setup a new Surface Studio and have enabled BitLocker (using Sophos SafeGuard Device encryption software) but have come across an issue where the onscreen keyboard simply does not work. Forums.

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