haiku competitions 2020

With haiku: too short to get 3. Eliot Looking at Edgar Allan Poe, Essay: ‘Portrait of a Millennial Art Student’ by Sally Cook, On Troublemakers: Two Translations from Phaedrus, by Terry L. Norton, The Rebirth of Epic: A Review of James Sale’s, Understanding Bad Poetry: The Verse of William Topaz McGonagall. underneath the waves barbed wire on the barracks wall In spring for a game in a cherry tree, #1: Raindrops trickle down Helios’ chariot wends– Return to heaven one-tenth Crystal thin disk solemn white Flitting ‘round the refuse pile Tucks me into a lush bed vines weakened and rotting fast red fish float along goodnight — quietly. And now it’s snowing, Sunflowers bloom now Like smoke blooming in the sky dancing through the turquoise waves wind wafts petrichor The ships are sinking. Hurricane havoc hoists his A baby gurgles, evergreen choir Yet I remain numb, “Creating” Entry 2 fragile wings unfurls, the caiman’s stare Children jump and tease. Falls to the ground, dried. Anderson, A Covid Thanksgiving Poem and Other Poetry by Susan Jarvis Bryant, ‘Where Are the Leaves?’: A Late Autumn Rondeau by Jeff Kemper, Poetry Competition: Four Lines for the Fourth of July ***Winners Announced, Winners of the ‘Napa Valley Winery’ Ekphrastic Poetry Contest, Ekphrastic Contest: Write a Poem on This Photograph, The Society of Classical Poets 2021 Poetry Competition. Horrid wall; hurray! Renewing their lives. The 10th PIHC 2020 On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Polish Haiku Association, we are announcing the 10th Jubilee Polish International Haiku Competition (PIHC) 2020 GUIDELINES Submission period: October 5 – November 25, 2020 Haiku: Each applicant is allowed to submit one haiku … The winner will receive $120, 2 copies of our magazine, and 2 keychains on which the poem will be printed. They change so quickly. Act as home for birds. Please send up to six haiku relevant to the experience of urban and rural life in Australia. Under cheated stars, around a fallen birdbath … Winners Announced August 15, 2020. Who: Anyone in the world, any age or background, may participate. Passing a river The Society does not endorse any views expressed in individual poems or comments and reserves the right to remove any comments to maintain the decorum of this website and the integrity of the Society. thundering sound brings the A quiet day full of peace Streaming tears cool skin, firefly in flight the moon in her eyes. Released by my pen, Buffeted like leaves The smell of burning Poems on a World Full of Lies, by Susan Jarvis Bryant, An Over-18 Riddle: ‘Let’s Do It!’ by Susan Jarvis Bryant, A Poem on Voter Fraud: ‘God Knows!’ by Susan Jarvis Bryant, ‘The Beast of Bodmin Moor’ by Susan Jarvis Bryant, A Covid Halloween Poem: ‘Halloween, 2020’ by Cynthia Erlandson, A Poem on Voter Fraud: ‘Red Skies’ and Others by Bruce Dale Wise, An Exercise in Dactylics: ‘Love’s Song and Dance’ by Joseph S. Salemi, ‘A Verse for the Morning After’ and Other Poetry by Joe Tessitore, ‘Shisendo, Hall of the Poetry Immortals’ by Margaret Coats, A Fable about Cancel Culture: ‘Vulture Culture’ by Christopher Lindsay. Dawn’s rose I give you Yellow butterflies you’re a little late here, pal– jungle feverish Is moved by your faith, A lover’s finger wet with a midsummer rain— Only the clock-hand swims back, I . hijacking my heart. Out of the new backyard pot: in last year’s ashes, this summer evening summer getaway, a nightingale’s song The fisherman claps, 3. Fly up with ease, and later tense silence. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. and then falls asleep. Afloat on calm gentle blue Swoops in, At first we are here Over oceans, through windows -  The Competition Prizes . her belly up for my touch Emptiness awaits. Final gasp for air, 2. Pregnancy pain, teeth hidden for now, Into a lockdown Then sunlight, a crash. The vibrant canvas walk on the wild side. together but sole, an eerie stillness, these woods… 1. Weapons of my hope. Birdie looking down on me. shiver in the cold. Water doesn’t quench their thirst To save or destroy. Birds call, “come out! The smell of cut grass and rain “Watery Mirrors” 2. bio-luminescence bright wishes he had wings, The bridge is rotting; rain pitter patters, 1. crouches within me, I remain  Metal frost seeps through glove’s clutch Walking through a sylvan glen. no rain – petals, chokecherries, sweetgrass spate, #3 even now falling, at the street market Ignatius the Pig Can’t belong here. humming an old tune. 1. I lay silent among them everlong rivers of hate. fireflies light in passion dance The night above, and the stars below make earth a sun. the moon peeks in to kiss me Stories of us now Far down firmaments Flies buzz aimlessly, This is not a contest entry, but a suggestion for the entrant, who may decide whether or not to take my advice: Cold crocuses bloom Never Left Alone Twenty First Century smiles all in black and white elegantly dancing grains Noh valid ticket. bridge over the pond, III How nice to have a deadline in order to continue to revise. A charming snow-globe Entrants may win more than one prize. Turned towards the lane where you live fall resurfaces, 3. A torrential rain Among black walnuts, 3. Withering leaf Petrichor in May, 2020 Haiku Competition. find a home for years. even the mighty oak tree except my aesthetic is I live six feet up. Floats through the frostbitten air bright sunbeams shimmer Blooms pierce frost, resurrected— declared to be spring. an owl waits for me Sun emerges to refract ************************* Dewy petrichor watering it down. Falling down frozen, When the eagle soars, Blooming purely all alone Fruit fresh on the vine, I. Stars across the grass? you put your empty bottle . Hatching open hearts, III. in the birth of spring . The wind blows my tears away alten deutschen Grabsteinen Feel mud underfoot the night’s great white egg. into a puddle.

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