flowerhorn fish tank size

To house a single Flowerhorn fish, minimum a tank size of 70- 80 gallons is recommended, and double in the size may be preferred to house two flowerhorn … Flower horn Fishes usually possess territorial behavior, they cannot peacefully coexist with other fishes. When the fish is young you can decorate the tank however you like. The flowerhorn is a medium-sized fish, growing up to about 15 inches or 38 cm (depending on the variety – some grow slightly larger).. They do appreciate gravel though. Males also grow about an inch or two larger than their female counterparts. What is the minimum space and size of the tank required for Flowerhorn fish? Just wondering if this is a suitable size tank for a Flowerhorn. Males will generally display brighter colors, more vivid patterns and will also grow a distinctive head hump. Tank Requirements for Flowerhorn Tank size. And its best to keep large structures out of the tank to give the fish maximum swimming room. When the flowerhorn is 8-10" long it won't want any hiding places. The minimum space required for your Flowerhorn for life would be a tank of 270 litters, can be in smaller tanks while they grow, but for life is recommended 270, maybe you can get away with yours with a tank of 180 litters but not as the most recommended. I have googled and endlessly but everyone seems to have different opinions. Some say 50 gallons is … A 75 gallon tank is large enough for a flowerhorn. So, I acclimated the fish to my tank, as the fry are delicate, I brought the tank water from my brothers home too so that the new water parameter won’t stress out or shock the fish. At the time, I had a 20-Gallon fish tank and was big enough for the flowerhorn fry (not enough for a full-grown Flowerhorn fish).

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