ffxi ninja solo leveling guide

Iga Ningi +1 and Iga Ningi +2 make its activation at more than 85% of your HP and more than 75% respectively. His basic attacks are virtually all TP moves that cause Bind, Choke, and Rasp. If a mob, like bats or lizards, puts evasion down on you, make sure that your WHM erases that off you. While casting Ichi on a last remaining Ni shadow, canceling the shadow around 50% on the casting bar will ensure that you still have shadows up but allows you to finish casting Ichi and receive a new set of shadow images. It's amazing. The general consensus for gear is Loki's Kaftan or Athos's Tabard, Seiryu's Kote, Ambusher's Hose, Hachiryu Sune-Ate (If your luck in Voidwatch is good, Athos's Boots), Epona's Ring, Atheling Mantle -- Thaumas Hat is great as well. After all the scraps I wasted to augment my Byakko's Haidate, they get replaced, especially since I never got lucky enough to get 4% Crit. Which path should you choose? Ninja is a fun job. Enough ranting though. Old Nyzul you could incrementally save your progress; back at 75 the idea was to exit every 5 floors to save progress. Now people start wondering whats the best gear for each situation. Average HP means relatively high survivability, and average intelligence means better Ninjutsu. The Walk of Echoes Tobi +3 will be considerably easier to do if there's people who actively do WoE on your server, but if you're planning on buying the 100 Devious Dice there's some gil to be spent as well and it only brings up the base damage to the Lv. That is a good thing about FFXI. Play it how you like it. Next up are your Lv.54 footwear pieces. Spike Necklace, Beetle Earrings, Harness, the usual fare throughout these levels, Fill in equipment slots with evasion or defense where there's no attack or other offensive stats available. Anything said here is exaggerated. If you hold one leech without aggroing or linking the other two, you can wait for the two passive leeches to despawn. Jubaku: Ichi becomes available but suffers from the 4 second casting that all Ichi spells have. It's all pretty much smooth-sailing from here on in. I neglected to mention enfeebling Ninjutsu; you actually get your first one at Lv.19, a Blind, at Lv.23, a Slow, at Lv.27, a Poison, and at Lv.30, a Paralyze. In mid-high levels, you can even buy Elemental Staves to increase damage even more, at the complete loss of TP and physical damage. Your damage taken is already getting quite mitigated, so having more defense isn't going to help much, and the attack-down just means less enmity and overall damage. It can be used to heal anyone if you lose hate (or yourself to keep hate), and to give certain buffs and whatnot. For many situations many other DDs cap enmity just as well as you do as NIN just on damage alone. For well rounded choice selection, I have 2 VIT(Pdt) Arisuis, 2 AGI(Eva) Arisuis, 1 MND(Mdef) Arisui and 1 STR(Atk) Sekka +2 that I'm unwilling to spend gil on Flame Geodes for. FFXI Leveling Guide 2019 Shirley Huang Date: October 30th, 2019 Views: 6905 ffxi leveling guide 2019 ffxi leveling guide 1-99 ffxi leveling guide ffxi level guide ffxi level cap Each class receives their own experience tally, and can be individually leveled up to the maximum level of 99, but FFXI leveling … Thaumas Hat/Hope Torque/Moonshade Earring/Brutal Earring, Athos's Tabard/Seiryu's Kote (Augmented)/Epona's Ring/Stormsoul Ring, Atheling Mantle/WS Latent Belt (Shadow or Soil)/Athos's Tights/Thaumas Nails. And once your character has a Main Job to 30... For your first 10 levels it's straight forward. Nothing like camping King Arthro, Sandworm or spending 99 Kindred seals. Subbing Dancer means you can use your TP for more useful things than watered-down weapon skills. These spells are quite useful. The best practical example would be Azdaja, and repeatedly having to face spike flail with the very real possibility of not having cruor enhancements due to its dispel. Warrior provides you with Provoke as I said, as well as a number of other great abilities. Hochomasamune will shave off nearly 10% off your Utsusemi casting, so it's a great utility weapon that you could offhand that still provides 10 DEX. When I leveled through these levels I had to deal with Mandragoras. Although Ninja is one of my favorite jobs, I'm seeing very little playtime on it nor is there any use for it in any of the endgame I participate in. You generally get more damage out of normal hits. The prime money-jettisoning support job, yet probably one of the best. But becoming a bit more involved with end game, for me mindless damage dealing wasn't enough and I wanted to play an important role, and while Abyssea really brought out NINs, MNKs, THFs, and other DD tanks into the spotlight, Ninja has always been able to fill that role prior to the level cap raise beyond 75. I'm hoping someone might have a guide on solo leveling, basically what zones are good for what level of soloing, extra kudos if it includes where in the zones or what mobs to focus on Why soloing? Salvage itself has been a notoriously difficult event to get gear from, particularly the Lv. I started using Dorado Sushi exclusively for when I needed to tank from this point. 95 and I'm halfway through a stage 3 Yoichinoyumi as of this writing. Having a Haste setup ensures that Stun is ready to use faster than Provoke. Start loving night time hours (18:00-06:00) because a lot of Ninja and Koga Equipment have stats that are only active at night. It requires 1500 Heavy metal plates, that sell in bazaars for 100-150k. Hey hey, Blade: Jin. damage and it turned into a sinkhole of gil. Almost there. Face it, you're going to tank. Unfortunately, Scholar doesn’t get a lot of spells to call its own. This guide will give concise, yet comprehensive, instructions on completing each Assault, as well as giving a recommended job/subjob combination, difficulty level, and number of players needed. Congratulations! Yonin Effect Increase maximum HP by 50. These levels will also start showing importance of equipment with enmity on them. One of the best things about this sub is all of its Evasion Bonus traits. Koga Kyahan +2 are quite possibly everything you'd want in a WS piece for NIN. At the very least you can pull a bunch of mandies and use it to skill up parry. Debuffs are very important to avoiding damage. Hojo: Ichi (Lv.23) and Kurayami: Ichi (Lv.19): This is why you wanted to keep your Ninjutsu skill close to your level. Then, you can kill the leech you were holding and receive credit for the fight. I focused on STR first, attack second for weaponskills for these levels, using Byakko's Haidate to WS usually kept my DEX close to my STR. Luckily, a lot of the Empyrean gear suits Blade: Shun very well. And pay attention to the order you do things. Nowadays, it is subbed only to have Utsusemi. Ranting aside, a Hope Torque seems tailor made for Blade: Hi. Notice up until this point, I haven't specifically pointed out any katanas you should be using. Ni Shadow canceling: You can manually remove shadows by selecting the buff from the status bar and clicking it off. Proto-Ultima has an ability that puts both Slow and Elegy on you, which need to be erased by your support immediately. Remember the best katanas are the ones with the highest base damage? It's often the least-used piece due to the Emperor Hairpin's usefulness. Suiton (Water) > Raiton (Thunder) > Doton (Earth) > Huton (Wind) > Hyoton (Ice) > Katon (Fire). With the release of Katanas with 125 base damage, I would be hard pressed to advise anyone to proceed with any of the legendary weapons if they needed to keep up with the current state of the game. The game only checks that the last remaining leech is defeated. It was entirely a hassle to have to carry around 2 sets of haste gloves, but it was worth it to me having as much haste as I could possibly have at the time. If you can get an augmented Seiryu's Kote and Byakko's Haidate, it would be ideal pieces for Blade: Hi. The Tier III VNM in Abyssea - Tahrongi drops Ocelot Trousers which can be used in an evasion build as well as an enmity piece.

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