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They act very similarly to the Endermen in vanilla Minecraft, and are the player's only source of Ender Pearls. Special Behavior 50 This is currently the only way for new players to gain Ender Pearls to unlock the Enderman Minion. The Enderman spawn on the player's island at level 1, with 160 maximum health. The Enderman Pet is an early game Combat Pet dropped by Endermen in The End. Special Behavior When an Enderman takes damage from water, the damage number is blue. 45 Note that many players can one-shot Endermen and could very well "steal your kill," so try not to get angry about that. Special Behavior 10 coins Here is a list: Endermen will also drop coins and combat xp depending on the level: Due to spam, this wiki has been locked. 600 They can also be spawned by Enderman Minions on the player's island, for more consistent spawning.  2-3x Ender Pearl 0 or 1x Ender Armor Piece(0.02%) 0 or 1x ​​​Rare Enderman Pet(0.05%) 0 or 1x ​​​​Epic Enderman Pet(0.005%) 0 or 1x ​​​​​Legendary Enderman Pet(0.0005%) 0 or 1x Enchanted Ender Pearl(rare) 6,000 The Ender Crystal is an object found in the end. Endermen, however, will not1 teleport in SkyBlock. I recommend just going to the end, though it will require Combat Level 12. Endermen can either spawn on a player's Private Island, or on The End Island. 1 How to Obtain 2 Stats 3 Pet Leveling XP tables 4 Kat Caretaking Costs 5 Trivia 6 History The Enderman Pet can be dropped by any Enderman in the End, excluding Zealots. 700 Effective Enchant This video is unavailable. coins Enderman can be found in The End at level 42 through 50. Mob 500 The End To edit, request the wikieditor role in #wiki-staff-assistance in, http://hywikis.com/skyblock/index.php?title=Enderman&oldid=6330, Occasionally, Endermen can appear to be as. Mob https://hypixel-skyblock.fandom.com/wiki/Enderman?oldid=177109. Effective Enchant However, when attacking, the enderman will not teleport behind while becoming aggressive (except when it is too far away), making it easier to combat them. coins Spawn Location +32 Combat XP Endermen, in The End, are some of the strongest mobs in SkyBlock, and players in the early game might struggle to deal with them, quickly becoming overwhelmed. Destroying them will cause them to drop a Crystal Fragment, which is used to craft the Catalyst and the Crystal Armor. Effective Enchant The End Watch Queue Queue. However, higher rarity Enderman Pets can only be dropped by level 45 and level 50 Endermen lower in the caverns. Endermen spawn extremely rarely as a random mob spawn. Level Items They will charge at the player and if it is too far from the player, it will stand still before abruptly teleporting to the player.  Damage Watch Queue Queue  1-3x Ender Pearl 0 or 1x Ender Armor Piece(≈0.033%) 0 or 1x ​​​Rare Enderman Pet(0.05%) 0 or 1x ​​​​Epic Enderman Pet(0.005%) 0 or 1x Enchanted Ender Pearl(rare) Endermen can also be spawned faster on a player's Private Island by using an End Biome Stick. XP Killing an Enderman will grant the player some drops and rewards. They do a reasonable amount of damage, making them a very difficult kill at early game, however they quickly become less threatening as the player invests in higher-tiered armour.Enderman spawned at The End will have levels from 42 to 50, with 4500 to 9000 maximum health. There is also a rare chance to get an Enderman Pet; the drop chances for every rarity are as follows (Note that the drop chances for the Common and Uncommon varieties have not been confirmed): The Enderman spawned in the end island also has a chance to drop Enchanted Ender Pearls. Items LVL 45 If you are in the early game, or if you are not that far into the midgame, hit endermen with your sword, then back away. Items They do a reasonable amount of damage, making them a very difficult kill at early game, however, they quickly become less threatening as the player invests in higher-tiered armor. Enderman on your private island often don't get aggressive when you look at them, but they can get aggressive even if you didn't hit/look at them. Drops Endermen that spawn on the Private Island will have 160 health and progress in levels as the player progresses through the game. Lvl 45 Endermen now have a 1/3000 chance to drop Ender Armor (from 1/1000). LVL 42 Drops Crystal Fragment "An Ender Crystal has spawned!" Lvl 42 Endermen now have a 1/1000 chance to drop Ender Armor (from 0). Endermen on the End Island come in 3 levels: Level 42, 45, and 50. Cannot get hit by any projectiles They only spawn during Ender Dragon boss fights to gradually heal the dragon. +28 Combat XP Level End Island Endermen will drop different amounts of items depending on their levels. Type They will respawn a certain amount of time afterbeing destroyed.

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