emperor tetra aggressive

They do not show any kind of aggressive behavior, and they are not likely to be fin … As well as this most of the parameters a betta needs to survive are similar to them as well. Thank you and I am working on the plants now, I have 2 ferns that get to be about 14 inches and Bacopa Caroliniana which grow to be around 12 inches. This means they’re not only beautiful, but very low-maintenance. I have kept emperor tetras for nearly 40 years and haven't really seen any major aggression with other species. I am using my mobile and not used to doing so, please excuse the short reply. Emperor Tetra is a hardy fish and can adapt to a wide range of water parameters. Its like 5 days old, but plants and whatnot are still in the same place. The unfortunate side to this is that the damage caused to the individual fish from this severe stress is often permanent. Just bear in mind that it may not work and if it doesn't and you have the option to surrender the fish and replace with a female, that's probably your best bet. I lost the other blue emperor two days ago, and a Glolight tetra after there was a ammonia spike in the tank. It takes a great deal of dedication to pet a fish. I am not saying any eggs will survive, but the chasing, nipping etc is not always down to bullying or aggression. Is it pregnant? This has increased since adding corys meaning that angels hang out at left of the tank, one emperor keeps his rein of terror at the middle and everyone else tends to take cover at the right of the tank under anubias. As a result, they are known to bully smaller fish and nip at fins. The bigger male tetra is the dominate one and he has been harrassing this one female none stop, leaves all the other fish alone. Can you get lots more plants in there, more the merrier? So, whenever you detect some slight changes in your tetra’s behavior, immediately start monitoring all of the previously mentioned requirements. I am having issues with my 6 Emperor Tetras, I have a 2 males and 4 females. I have aearxhed the forums and I could not find anything specific. Nematobrycon palmeri: "Emperor" of the Tetras! The Columbian Tetra can exhibit slightly aggressive behavior. They would either attack it back or lose control and end up killing each other. I have a breeding tank with perhaps 100 of various ages and other than odd nipped fins they are active but not belligerent . The emperor tetra is another popular choice for freshwater aquariums. If he is the alpha male it could be he is sensing her fertility and wanting to spawn with her. Neon Tetras: A Big Introduction to a Famous, Widely Known Tetra. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. even though he's the biggest fish in the tank I think an Aphyosemion caudofaciatum male is dominant. Some are big tetras and small tetras, but generally, they all make decent pets. The Columbian Tetra can exhibit slightly aggressive behavior. Blk Skirt Tetra got fins nipped off! Is this a male and female tetra? It's unfortunate but, some fish can be bullies. In my 350l house tank i just have 4 adults and the dominant male constantly chases the females and anything else but there's no aggression towards the (mainly) killifish and corys and even the adult cherry shrimp survive. JavaScript is disabled. the other day i bought a lone emperor tetra male. What do I do now? Thread starter Kattis; Start date 5 Feb 2019; Kattis Member. Here is a pic of my tank. HELP!! They’re slightly bigger than most tetra species. Everything plant wise is growing pretty well. This behavior gets even worse when there aren’t enough Columbian Tetras to form a group. Black neon tetras should be kept in a school of 6-12 and you should make sure they have plenty of room to swim. Here are a couple of pics of the female being nipped, tried to get a decent pic of her but she moves alot. Also, she darts away from him and looks stressed when it happens, she loses color temporary when this happens. Adult Size: 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) ... Emperor Tetra (Nematobrycon Palmeri) Emperor Tetra. I need help figuring out if my glofish are male or female. As a result, they are known to bully smaller fish and nip at fins. I have seen no visible damage on any of the fish. Emperor Tetra aggression. They’re slightly bigger than most tetra species. Aggressive Blue Emperor Tetra Hi, I have one remaining Blue emperor,... How to tell if an angelfish is male or female. Avoid keeping neon tetras with nocturnal aggressive fish, because they might eat them. While tetras are typically peaceful by nature, there are some exceptions. A regal species, this gorgeous fish is the perfect choice for a beginner community aquarium. Sometimes, there's nothing we can do to prevent this behaviour and the fish has to be removed and go somewhere else. They both can be cut and replanted for more plants in the future. My female emperor tetra wasn't swimming very well so I put her in an isolat... How we stopped our Marineland Emperor 400 biowheel filter from making noise, HELP! 339 339. Hence, with proper care and maintenance of your tank, the fish is quite easy to keep. Emperor Tetra care is very simple, which is one of the main reasons why they’re so popular with aquarists. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. You must log in or register to reply here. Some tetra fishes which are commonly known for being fin nippers like neon tetra, emperor tetra, serpae tetra, and black skirt tetra are briefly listed below: Neon Tetra. Many schooling tetras squabble quite a bit among themselves: the attack sounds more like a fairly typical 'charge and intimidate' move rather than real aggression, and it might not even be connected to the swimming behavior. This is now a proven scientific fact. I do remember them having wars even when there was 10 of them tho. By entering this site you declare It's a bit like making a maze out of the tank. I am having issues with my 6 Emperor Tetras, I have a 2 males and 4 females. The term means using a lot of plants or decor items, so you create a few small open areas to swim in, all of which are well divided by things that fish cannot see through. Aggressive emperor tetras. Emperor Tetra aggression. Dense plants ( real or fake), rocks, wood, ornaments, whatever. The idea is that if the fish can't see one another all the time, sometimes it will defuse the aggression or bullying. Therefore, Emperor tetras are beginner-friendly fish. This behavior gets even worse when there aren’t enough Columbian Tetras to form a group. If the aggression remains even after you did all of that, then there must be something wrong with the tetras. The 2 drawf grasses in front are on the mend, I didnt know about fertalizer when I got them, same with the mini sword grass. is purple tetra bearing eggs? 5 Feb 2019 #1 I have 260l tank with 5x emperor tetras, 10x neon tetras, 3x angel fish, 1x ram, 1x otto and 8x small bronze corys. Problem is very aggressive possibly male emperor that bullies pretty much anyone else par angels. you read and agreed to the, How to tell if your goldfish is male or female. Is there something I can do to keep him from nippong the female? They might be infected with the neon tetra disease which will cause them much stress. I noticed a few, I think males, are chasing the others, and each other around the tank.

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