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He also noticed a demand for quality whetstones made from a natural product. While Dan worked in Hot Springs and traveled around the world for his job, he developed an interest in Arkansas novaculite. Mar 25, 2019. Sat-Sun Office Closed. Although new technology using composite and synthetic abrasives replaced much of the use for novaculite as an industrial sharpener, it was still in demand to sharpen hand tools. Understanding Arkansas Stone Grits. She believes magic can be found in life and books, loves to watch the stars appear, and still dreams of backpacking the world. Pen & Quin: International Agents of Intrigue - The Mystery of the Painted Book is her debut novel. I love Dan's stones. If so, then these are not the same as novaculite Arkansas stones from Dan's, although they do come from another region in Arkansas. With continued growth throughout the end of the twentieth century, they refurbished an old poultry house in Pearcy and moved Dan’s Whetstone to its current location in 2004. How compacted these crystals are determines how the whetstones are classified into grades. Your email address will not be published. They relocated to just outside of Hot Springs. Ive got one old Arkansas that i think is a true hard, but i wish i knew more about it. He worked around the country as a mining engineer before arriving in Hot Springs. We have operated from Pearcy, Arkansas for over 40 years. Novaculite is graded by several factors, including texture and density. Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:30 to be picked from the warehouse. But that soft Arkansas stone will easily put a plenty scary edge on any knife I own. this stones give me a great edge after norton 4000-8000 , they are really slow but for me is not a problem . With light Honing Oil and smooth even strokes, this rare stone can put a quality edge on any blade. Dec 10, 2011 #3 Gamma. to 1700 A.D. Novaculite is also useful as a shaping tool to sharpen other blades in a process known as flintknapping. That being the case, the grit equivalents are usually given as a range, rather than a specific number. The website for Dan’s Whetstone includes a guide for selecting your whetstone and a YouTube video over basic sharpening using Arkansas natural stone. One of the most challenging parts of starting and sustaining Dan’s Whetstone was gaining recognition in the market. If you’re new to using a whetstone, Dan’s Whetstone has created a product just for you. You can find Dan’s Whetstone online at Danswhetstone.com and follow the company on Facebook. Dan’s Whetstone currently offers over 350 different products, including sandstone coasters, mined from the same quarries that produce the novaculite necessary to make whetstones. I have his surgical black stone. When Dan decided to stay in Hot Springs and open his own business, he didn’t know it would lead to over forty years of producing a unique, natural product mined and manufactured in Arkansas and sold all over the world. Dan notes that the color of the stone is not a true indication of the stone’s grade, although this theory has floated around for years. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! basic sharpening using Arkansas natural stone. I love writing about Arkansas-made products. Your email address will not be published. I had bought it years ago and it was in nasty condition. Initially located in Royal, Arkansas, a fire destroyed the company building in 1984. Tue - Fri 09:30 - 16:30, Office Hours so that we can arrange for your item Soft, hard, translucent & black. Ive got a surgical black i lapped wayyy to far on accident and its useless. An Arkansas stone cuts very slow, especially the higher the grade/grit. Native Americans used this stone from 11,500 B.C. Novaculite boulders on a ridge in Polk County, Arkansas. Hot Springs became the center of quarry activity for this new industry. Welcome to DansWhetstone.com - Dan's Whetstone in Pearcy, Arkansas Dan's Whetstone is the only complete producer and supplier of natural Arkansas whetstone grades. Is good to know someone still using arkansas stone those days enjoy it . The company focuses on bringing a variety of whetstones to customers with a selection of grades to fit the user’s needs. CF63 3RF. I just lapped it (they lap really easily) and pried it off the plastic base and it works great with water. Dan’s Whetstone has four grades available: Soft Arkansas, Hard Arkansas, Translucent and Black Arkansas. If you’re new to using a whetstone, Dan’s Whetstone has created a product just for you. Uh oh, looks like the page you are looking for has moved or no longer exists. Only in Arkansas. My razor hone is a Smith's Arkansas stone that they sell at Home Depot. I would assume his softer stones are just as good. Does a good job polishing my one buck I keep polished. Novaculite, also known as Arkansas Stone, is found only in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma. In 1976, Dan’s Whetstone opened its doors for business. Dan’s Whetstone has four grades available: Soft Arkansas, Hard Arkansas, Translucent and Black Arkansas. The Arkansas stone even gained a reputation in Europe as a fine whetstone. Required fields are marked *.

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