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Moisturizer leave my hair very soft and curly love them both, Hi Kim, my name is Jean. I bought this for my grandchild haven't had opportunity to use it on her hair yet because she has sew in right now. Good product and keep the good work. Haven’t tried all sample moisturizers & flaxseed gels yet but so far haven’t found a favorite. Love it its light and dosent weigh ur hair down. My hair was more dry and damaged that I thought, and my biggest problem by far is frizz! Last year I notice a drastic change in my hair appears, texture, curl pattern and thickness. I am letting my hair get to a length to where I can cut it even. Our customers say this gel leaves your hair soft, defined, feeling moisturized, elongating your curl, not crunchy, not flaky, and it smells like paradise. Awesome! This product is Awesome! but, now I have very little hair lost, my hair filled in where I had breakage. Tried them all and will ordering again ! I like all the of them but the lavender the best. I bought the sample pack, so I'm still experimenting. And it makes me proud that it's a black business trust I will tell all I know. Now I need yo order steps 1-3 to complete my curl mix hair program I loved what it did to my grands hair. So, instead of dealing with it (I am so not a hair person) I continued to cut it off or wear a hat. Thank you so much! Pure Flaxseed Gel is the best natural & organic gel for curly hair. I couldn't find any products That loved my hair.seeing your CurlMix on facebook I was very skeptic about purchasing it. Just put some water in it today and a bit more gel just on the ends to touch up. Win a FREE DYSON ... Home / Pure Flaxseed Gel Sampler Box - (5) 3.4oz Gels. My hair is wavy not really curly. CurlMix offers the benefits of homemade flaxseed gel, delivered to your door! I appreciated the Curlmix tote bag! Great product. I love the smell of all of them. Last night I used it for the first time, and so far it has improved my hair texture and curl pattern. It’s not! I bought fir my daughter her hair is changing from super curly to curly wavy. Love the moisture and definition it gives my baby’s hair! Jerre. First time experiencing this product and it's a winner for me! I purchased the gel samples box, and I’m more than happy. Should have seen it Yesteryday - OOhhhww Wheee!! The product gives me a wet look, so I am working on the amount I use. I washed my hair and put the products on and my hair feels so good! LEARN HAIR. Today I began my hair product journey with a new hair product called Curl Mix. My curls are more pronounced and look so much healthier. I didn't know how to tame her curls or keep them healthy,soft and defined but now I do! we have been using Curlmix about 3 weeks now and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it. Wash + Go’s will be your new go-to style. So far I’ve tried the lavender and sensitive and am seeing a great change in my hair manageability. Perfect for soft, defined, and long-lasting styles. I don’t even use a comb just my fingers. After you’ve used our favorite duo, Wash + Go’s will be your new go-to style. For the ultimate result - use our complete Wash + Go System. We aren’t kidding. The best part is that you only have to style your hair once a week. Well to say you made a Believer out of me. I love the smell the texture the way it feels in my head you have very good products. Love the product I've only tried the box but plan to purchase the shampoo and conditioner soon. I’ve tried MANY products and this has been by far my favorite for wash and gos. I now know I don’t like and will never buy the lavender scent- and was able to pass it on to someone who did like it- and as a result I bought the remaining wash and go sets because I was able I get a sense of the scents :). On few occasions all I had to do was spray hair with a little water and curls stung back in place. I do this step anyway to avoid tangles. I will try to get a picture and send. Since then I’ve ordered everything from your line. I’ve only used the lavender gel. I did have to cut it, and to say the softness and how it hold the moisture I'm so glad I purchased CurlMix. I really loved the Curl Mix samplers. His free form still looks GORG after an entire week. So I will try again this week. Your hair appears shorter than what it is but the curls are awesome!!!! My daughters hair has been saved! Purchased the sample box, order came quickly, love the look of the product, refreshing scents, will definitely purchase again. I finally found a product that I truly love. I am having fun experimenting! Get ready to end the product junkie lifestyle and replace all your styling products with these powerhouses.Learn More. Yes I am using CurlMix hair products and I love it. I have tried so many products. I just love CurlMix. I do love the moisture just need to get the gels to love them as much. Absolutely love the flaxseed gels! I was shedding hair a lot. Test all the gels and pick your favorite before investing in a full bottle. My first wash was an unbelievable experience with wash and go. Curlmix leaves my hair soft and shiny. I’m so excited to have found a product that is easy to use and actually works- plus it is safe and natural! The products hold the curls in my hair, so I am happy. So far so good accents my long and kinky curls well. I may have used too much gel because my hair felt crunchy for a day or so, but the definition was definitely pronounced; and my curls held up even in the awful heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing. I am obsessed. It worked very very well on her cute short hair cut. I JUST LOVE THE CURL MIX ALL THE FLAVORS SMELL SO GOOD AND WORKS WELL, TOO WELL THAT I CAN'T EVEN CHOOSE MY FAVORITE.....I LOVE THEM ALL.........WILL ORDERING MORE SOON...THANKS A BUNCH AND KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!! Every month subscribers receive 4 or more quality hair product samples for $20/month.Cancel anytime. I'm also dealing with high altitude plus hard water and not to say been on high blood pressure medicine which depletes the water from the body as well. And she was like we're done. I'm not entirely sure how to use what I bought. My hair was soft, shiny, and more moisturized than it has been since letting my waves come out. I love it so well that I may evenpull in two are three models and upload a video to you thank you so much for your brilliant product that you and your husband designed it's really the bombs I will keep in touch if I do the video I will send it to you keep up the good work and God bless you, I love the different experiences with the flax gel. He even has girls coming up to him hitting on him telling him he’s so cute! I bought the wash and go set , I love how the curls are so defined.It all says gel , which one is the gel. I look forward using them in the future. I love the flaxseed gel samples!! It works on all hair types. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. CURLBOX is the most affordable, exclusive and effortless way to explore new hair products. It have change my hair YES !!. We do not share your email to any 3rd party companies! Well, that was until I tried the Curlmix flaxseed gels! I followed the instructions and I love it. I love the way my hair smells. So now I have you guys to blame for my boyfriend having to fight off random women complimenting him! Thank you guys, he loves the attention and I love how good his hair still looks even after many nights with no protectant scarf or anything covering his head. What can I do about the flakes that come after I use gel, My air is gorgeous well Moisturize Shiny just beautiful. My curls pop and really look shinny and healthy. So I got the sample pack. I am a hairstylist. I was elated how easy it was to get through her hair. It curled well. Time to get some of the avocado moisturizer!! Can’t wait to try out the shampoo/conditioner and moisturizer! Her hair is soft, curls and it moves. Wish me luck! I have only used a little of the product.

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