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did lemony heirloom toms last year they were amazing! Thanks very much! I mean really gone. The fact it's a fungicide and will help prevent powdery mildew on the cukes is a bonus. I don't see that.It has always been here, and it will always be here. But I plan to buy a gallon of some cheap milk as my husband needs the lactose free which is much more expensive. I'm sensitive to odors and there has been NO spoiled mild smell. lemonfair, did you try? My squash, cucumbers and I all thank you profusely! ", "Also, it does not matter if the milk is organic or commercial, whole, low fat, or non fat. ", "sorry I only have questions. ", "I have regular deliveries of goats milk and wonder if it is just as effective as cows milk as a powdery mildew preventative for my courgettes. I haven't seen any mildew since and this fungus typically spreads fast - from my previous experiences where it has consumed all my squash. To understand how milk sprays prevent powdery mildew and thus use them most effectively, you must first understand your enemy. ", "If it's the protein that's effective I wonder if soy milk would work? Thanks", "Hello, So someone with a milk allergy might have a problem here. :( Will this also work AFTER the BORE has already "invaded" the vines, and the plant is MOSTLY dead? ", "After reading this article I went home and tried the milk spray on my plants. Like other fungicides, milk sprays work best when used preventatively, before the disease can gain a foothold. ", "Ann, nobody knows the answer to your question because cow and goat milk have not been compared in field trials, but gardeners who have used goat milk just as they would cow's milk report good success. But I use organic liquid castile soaps. As soon as I saw signs of mildex, I sprayed the whole vine every 2 days for a week. ", "If spraying milk could prevent powdery mildew what about Downey mildew? ", "When used preventatively, it works. ", "Does it matter if milk is old or slightly sour (not curdled)? Powdery mildew can quickly spread to nearby leaves, so it's always a good idea to clip out leaves that show early spotting. Rather than create methane bombs in landfill, stoke up the compost and rot the leaves down quickly. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set. I was forced to go to Lowe's and purchase plants this time before the summer heat hits here in southern Tx. Do you associate the silver streaks in the leaves with cushaws? These chemicals are why Americans have the greatest cancer and disease rate in the world. ", "Yes lemonfair, hot dry is when my powdery mildew is at it's worst. What are computers for? ", "just curious i have hybrid tea rose elina recently bought them and have notice some mould on a few leaves, how often do i need to use the milk spray? and I will be appreciative. It is extremely difficult for me to have drip systems on everything.PM is a very big problem. ", "Robert, a rounded leaf with silver variegation is usually a C. moschata such as 'Black Futsu'. As summer swirls around our plants – rain and sun and rain again – other things start to grow. Giving them 5 gallons a day!. ", "Chelsea, the proteins are very different in almond milk, so I would not expect the same results as with dairy products. Broccoli. It works for just about everything except pests. The reason I mentioned humidity is for rainy areas, and those who overhead water. Most of the fungal diseases are difficult to control once established and thriving. ", "Thanks guys will give the milk treatment another go. I have lost my pumpkins, zucchini, and cukes 2 years in a row. Once a week. By December here in California mountains 3200 feet elevation, it is all over. One year one of my community gardeners watered excessively (like 3 hours a day, because he would leave the water running and go off and do other things), and he didn't have powdery mildew on his zucchini at all, while the rest of us did. Not only does milk work as a fungicide but it also works as a pesticide. But I have found that sometimes new leaves will come along, and you might as well try this on them. ", "Good information. What do you think? Sure enough I saw some leaf growth with a bud on the old hard wood of the plant ; it was a terrible division; wasn't strong enough to do better. The milk has not worked 100% on my squash as it has on my cukes, but there is very little mildew. I have lost my zucchini's every year from the borer until this year. Could this be why you have to repeat spray just with milk because there are only a few of the lactobacilli in fresh milk? Winter has set in. ", "I garden in community gardens, and there is a significant difference in the lack of powdery mildew on my cukes and a neighbor's who sprayed with milk every few days, and others near us who didn't - even one neighbor who sprayed with a fungicide (don't know which one). Early maturing fruits and long harvest season if cut regularly. What do think about the mechanism or the mode of action of milk on the leaf surface that help to stop powdrey mildew?????????? ", "Saheed, there is no research to support use of milk spray on downy mildew, but you could try it as a preventative. With some vegetables there is genetic resistance, but no resistant varieties of cucumber family crops exist at this time. SB Plant Invigorator spray – a blend of seaweed, surfactants and nutrients – physically gums up the mildew. The page should be working correctly for you but we've had a couple of people report this in the past month and are trying to work out what might cause it. ", "I did try the milk spray. s summer swirls around our plants – rain and sun and rain again – other things start to grow. Just a note to Rick Gilmore – you probably have the same browser on both computers. Have lost MOST ALL of my Yellow Crookneck Summer, Zucchini, Acorn Squash and my Pumpkins, to the DARN Squash BORE!! ", "It only costs me a gallon of milk a week. The sulphur workers get 7c kg for the rocks. At 50/50 formulation every morning for 4 days straight I sprayed. Next, add mulch to lock water into the soil, but make sure not to bury the stems with it, as this won’t help. ", "MR, pod molds often are caused by botrytis species, which are different from powdery mildew in that they thrive in damp conditions. Love to hear anyone else's thoughts. ", "Once you can see quite a bit of powdery mildew on leaves, nothing will stop it. With regular treatment, unaffected plants should remain free of powdery mildew and affected plants should improve. A fast-growing fungus, powdery mildew is also among the worst enemies of rosemary, and is a well-known disease of monarda, grape, and zinnia. If you start seeds in a couple of weeks, they should make a nice crop. Some C. pepos have variegation, too, but their leaves are more pointed. makes a purchase. Major cukes. Corn. ", "In Southeast Texas and already up in mid 90's here. works like a charm, used it on butternut squash and yellow zukes. Our zinnias and cukes all have signs of PM and we didn't know how to address it. The necessary proteins are present in whey, so I suppose you could use clotted milk if you strained it through a fine cloth first. Raw butter too. ", "I have put both on at the same time, but didn't combine in a sprayer. The reasoning behind this is the "friendly" bacteria have a head start on the plant and then outcompete any bad ones. I knew I had mildew because the leaves were actually turning a whitish/blue over the entire leaf. So the few leaves that are on the old wood won't open fully, are stagnant and the few buds turned brown and dry. As long as they’re not too badly affected then you should still get a decent crop from them. ", "Hi from France, Thanks for the good article. Because of it I have a healthy, lush, and totally organic garden. guess it's been the year of yellow gardening. Tiny airborne spores float about looking for a surface on which to land and feed; if they find courgettes, marrows, pumpkins or cucumbers with those lush big leaves, they’ll happily alight and grow a fine powdery mildew across the surface. Since then I put it outside on my deck in a large pot. I planted my 1st veggie garden this past Fall and now have planted 1st Spring veggie garden. Use what you buy normally. "Meanwhile, anyone can test the milky solution to mildew in his or her backyard garden. No poisons allowed here. . Unfortunately the leaves already afflicted didn't heal (the fungus was replaced by yellow spots), but most new growth looks healthy. Live in a small town in IN, have a few veggies growing at the side of the house. Ok if you have a milking animal around, but is milk cheaper than sulphur? I don't think your browser has anything to do with it. Between that change and the fact that you will not be ingesting milk, I think you are safe.

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