cornell viburnum leaf beetle

opportunities. For example: One step in the Is it a viburnum? All are currently susceptible to the Viburnum Leaf Beetle. University are not responsible for information on these websites. americana), mapleleaf viburnum … document.write ( "Last updated "+ document.lastModified ) ; This guide will help you identify the ones you are most likely to encounter in the range of the viburnum leaf beetle in the Northeast U.S. and eastern Canada. %���� I want to know the scientific name. <> There are more than 150 species worldwide. (The pupa is a resting stage between the larva and the adult.) and Cornell University. ID There are more than 150 species worldwide. endobj This guide does not include all viburnum species. %PDF-1.5 It is helpful to know fruit and flower color and other characteristics that may not be present throughout the growing season. It is a relatively new pest to the Chicago region. Their dorsal surface has small, dense punctures, and the space between punctures is somewhat rugose, or wrinkled, with thick, golden-grey pubescence. Cornell Cooperative Extension and Cornell But the Viburnum leaf beetle, introduced from Europe, is increasingly causing both economic and environmental damage in Eastern North America. key says that if there are stipules present, you have a viburnum. Viburnum leaves can be quite variable in size and shape, even on the same plant. To get started, choose one of the following, or see How to use this guide (below). Try to gather a representative sample. This guide does not include all viburnum species. recommendations are for informational purposes only and manufacturers' <> This key relies heavily on leaf characteristics. Many cultivars exist for this species.

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