concert ukulele template

Toll Free: 1-800-477-4437International: 707-687-2020 For those wanting to pump out some solid volume, the concert does that also. Are you looking to build an Concert Ukulele? We also chose to design elements to be compatible across multiple models which mean not all parts are exactly the same dimensions as the original guitar the templates were based on. For adults with big hands, they can learn to play with a comfortable sized uke. I don’t know where to start with this concert ukulele, but you … LMI does NOT have a storefront or offer over-the-counter sales. Concert Ukulele Fret Layout (standard 15" scale length)" My tape measure looks like this, how do I measure to a 64th inch?" Mar 14, 2016 - Concert size ukulele body template in PDF format Scale Length: 20 inches. Copyright © 2020, Guitar Templates. Body Length: 11 inches See the detailed ukulele build instructions here. The bundle includes PDF and transparent PNG (300 DPI) versions of every pattern. Scale Length: 15 inches. Template set, concert ukulele - save 15% over individual items This acrylic template set will kick-start you into high gear building a concert ukulele! For a complete game-plan on how to embark on your first instrument, check out this article. 15-inch Fretting Scale Marking Template for Concert Ukulele - Laser-cut-Acrylic: Musical Instruments, Stage & Studio These templates, like all our guitar templates, are made of 6mm clear acrylic, precision laser cut with router paths, etch lines, and keyholes for accurate measurements on your build. Download the Concert 12 Ukulele Plan from GenOne Luthier Supply for detailed building plans. This template has been designed to allow for a single template that covers the shape, and key points for bracing including the width of the bracing being etched into the acrylic. Ukulele and Flat Mandolin Backs and Sides, African Blackwood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Ukulele Backs and Sides, Black Acacia Ukulele Backs, Sides, and Tops, Black Heart Sassafras Ukulele Backs and Sides, Brazilian Tigerwood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Cocobolo Rosewood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Cuban Mahogany Ukulele Backs, Sides and Top, Ebony, West African Ukulele Backs and Sides, Honduran Mahogany Ukulele Backs and Sides, Honduran Mahogany Ukulele Back, Sides, and Top, Malaysian Blackwood Ukulele Backs and Sides, Red Mountain Cedar Ukulele Backs and Sides, Walnut, Claro Ukulele Backs, Sides and Tops. Pair this with materials from our Concert Ukulele Kit Wizard, and you are well on your way to making a high-quality, solid wood instrument. The top thickness and arching, interior bracing, wood choice, neck angle, fingerboard thickness and bridge height are all closely integrated to produce the optimum sound. MS-Concert Ukulele. We recommend our Graphgear pencil for use with all our templates. Pineapple Tenor Ukulele. Tablesaw ukulele fret slotting templates for builders are now available in soprano, concert short and long scale, tenor, and baritone short and long scale. Mar 14, 2016 - Concert size ukulele body template in PDF format Are you looking to build an Concert Ukulele? Before visiting, it is important that you read this page: Toll Free: 1-800-477-4437 or International: 707-687-2020, Headstock template, classical 1937 Hauser, acrylic, Headstock template, small concert (parlor), acrylic, Body template, classical, 1943 Hauser, acrylic, Graphgear 500 mechanical pencil for templates, Slotting templates for LMI Slotting Systems - $39.26 each, Guitar mold, classical for mortise/tenon neck (Ramirez).

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