chromatic scale notes We will start and end on C, but there is only one chromatic scale. To fully convey the sound of chromaticism, you must play several of these notes in a row. Know the open string notes of the guitar when tuned to Standard tuning.Use the Note sequence on each string, with the knowledge of what each open string note is. "Chroma" means color … No matter where you start, the fingering will be the same. from C to C♯)". It is defined as the interval between two adjacent notes in a 12-tone scale (e.g. It contains every tone between any one note and the same note an octave apart. This gives us the notes on the whole fretboard on any string. For instance, playing three chromatic notes in a row would not be out of place in most genres; blues, rock, and jazz music all commonly use such phrasing. There are 12 notes in the chromatic scale. If you don't know already there are only 12 notes that make up our musical alphabet, this is referred to as the "chromatic scale."

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