aptos blue redwood care

Aptos Blue Coast Redwood Sequoia sempervirens 'Aptos Blue' One of the West’s most iconic trees, and a keystone native species of the coastal ranges of Oregon and Northern California, these are considered to be the tallest trees on earth. Paints, varnish, wax, and oils to take care of your wooden furniture and interior wood. Wood care. Aptos Blue Redwood. Discussion in 'Gymnosperms (incl. Conifers)' started by gmtugboat, Jan 11, 2009. gmtugboat Member. We live in Sacramento CA where the Care for the Cuttings after Rooting. A large tree that can mature to soaring heights in moist, cool, foggy conditions. I know we dealt with a number of 'aptos blue' redwood hybrids that had fallen or were lifting up their root ball. 12 years ago. New messages can not be posted here. My old boss in Marin is Craig Swift of Swift Tree care 488-0522. Find help and information on Sequoia sempervirens 'Aptos Blue' Coastal redwood Coast redwood Californian evergreen redwood Californian redwood Redwood, including varieties and pruning advice. Tall and conical in shape with rich reddish brown bark, the ‘Aptos Blue’ selection features needles with deep blue green color. I had a nursery plant an Aptos Blue Redwood in my backyard in July 2006.It is in full sunlight in clay soil. Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0 Location: Vacaville,CA,USA. Aptos Blue Redwood tree problem . Native to California, ‘Aptos Blue’ Coast Redwood is picturesque and stately. Click here to find out more. Anyway, give him a call he'll set you right, tell him Darin sent you. It is approximatley 9 years old and 25 ft high. He doesn't sign my checks anymore so I'm not required to say that. Protect them and they’ll stay looking great for longer. Treat the cuttings with care. One of the branches on the bottom has completely turned brown, although there is no damage to it. He's an arborist and a good guy. Shield them from harsh weather and keep their growing medium moist and full of nutrients. Aptos Blue Redwood, Will they fare well in my area? The tree limbs are sparce and the foliage has turned gray and dry in many areas. pinyon. Those knocks, scuffs and spills will damage your wooden doors, tables and furniture. Recently, I found that my local lowe's has loads of these in stock for very reasonable prices. I would stay away from them. Wood paint. tree-care.info; Forums; Ask an Arborist; Archive; Aptos Blue Redwood tree problem ; You are viewing an archive of old posts to the Ask an Arborist forum. It will take at least one full year for the cutting to completely establish itself in its original pot; do not repot the tree for at least a year. I have an Aptos Blue Redwood tree in my front yard. All of our paints are tough, durable & do exactly what they say on the tin. So whatever finish you want, we guarantee it'll last. Upon further inspection I can see more brown throughout the tree. I don't see any kind of redwood around nurseries here (Apart from Sequoiadendron giganteum, or the very occasional Dawn Redwood which don't have trouble growing here). It is more restrained in the average home landscape. Please visit the live forum if you wish to post a question.

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