We use the system of controlled atmosphere for storage of special sorts of fruits. After harvesting,biochemical processes continue in fruits. The more intense these processes are


atmthe faster the process of tissue decomposition and cell dying-off (over-ripening, deterioration) occurs. Fruits are particularly sensitive towards ethylene, which is released in the process of product breathing. For slowing down of the mentioned processes, the products shall be put into the process of temporary hibernation. For this purpose, we successfully use the system of controlled atmosphere (ULO). In the chamber with controlled atmosphere, the O2 composition is very low, but CO2 is on the contrary – high. Ethylene composition is kept at 1ppb (0.000001%). By means of technologies, adopted in our enterprise, creation of mixes of certain gases, required for specific seeded fruit, stone fruit and small fruit crops (berries) is performed. Storage of fruits is carried with regulation of the following parameters: oxygen, hydrocarbon, ethylene, nitrogen, relative humidity and temperature.