Determination of optimal methods and regimes of storage is very important for long-term storage of plant products.

In the course of selection of these regimes, biological properties of the product itself are very important. After harvesting, some products need to undergo treatment period, some require quick cooling, and some are directly stored in chambers. Different plant products have different requirements towards storage regimes. Some require regulation of temperature and humidity regime, some require control of air composition.

Our enterprise is equipped with all the systems (systems of controlled atmosphere, quick cooling and active ventilation), which ensure long-term and high-quality storage of all types of fruits and vegetables.

The System of Active Ventilation

We use the system of active ventilation for storage of potatoes, onion and garlic. Their storage include treatment and basic periods. After harvesting, treatment period proceeds in cooling chambers. This…

The System of Quick Cooling

We use quick cooling system in storage scheme of some fruits. After harvesting, and before storage, peach, apple and some other fruits require quick cooling; special chamber is allocated for…

The System of Controlled Atmosphere

We use the system of controlled atmosphere for storage of special sorts of fruits. After harvesting,biochemical processes continue in fruits. The more intense these processes are  

Storage period of fruit and vegetables

Potatoes 8-9 months

Onion 8 months

Garlic 6-8 months

Carrots 6-7 months

Beetroots 7-8 months

Cabbage 6-8 months

Apples 3-8 months

Peaches 25-35 days

Table grapes 1-6 months

Tangerine 3-4 months

Orange 8-12 weeks

Grapefruit 6-8 weeks

Pear 3-7 months

Persimmon 1-2 months

Date-plum 1-3 months

Kiwi 5-6 months

Feijoa 2-3 months

Pomegranate 4-5 months